Star Citizen adds big bombs, hospitals to recover from getting big bombs dropped on you

Star Citizen patch 3.15 is now live. It contains new ways of healing injuries and one new way to cause them. The patch also includes new ships as well as other oddities and ends.

Let’s get to work. There are new hospitals and clinics where players can get life insurance. Hospitals can be used as respawn points and are located in New Babbage and GrimHex. There will also be space stations with health clinics around the universe. (I cannot bring myself to say “verse,” sorry. The trailer shows that polite NPC doctors work in the hospital and don’t ask any questions about your 16th week of being in it.

CuraLife Medical Gun, which players call a “medigun,” has been added to Star Citizen. This can be used to help heal your wounded allies. However, it’s worth noting that some players used these mediums recently to overdose on lethal drugs in non-PvP areas and then looted their gear. They’ve hopefully been modified so that you don’t have to worry if your injuries are fatal. As a result, injuries are now more complicated. Different body parts can be injured and healed separately. A head injury can lead to dizziness, and wounded arms could make it more difficult to aim.

The bombs can be dropped from ships. At first, they will only work on the Starlifter Hercules A2, but this trailer shows how it works. Cloud Imperium Games says that the new bomb UI provides pilots with a high-tech way to target but also retains skill-based manual aiming to ensure maximum damage. Pilots must be careful not to inflict friendly damage within the blast radius and defend against countermeasures like anti-aircraft missiles and ground turrets.

The “luxury Explorer” Origin 400i was the second ship to be added. It is wonderful! It costs $250 in real dollars. You can find out more about Star Citizen 3.15 by clicking here.

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