Nintendo Switch Online Datamine: Sega Mega Drive and N64 games

Dataminers such as MondoMega have taken a look at the backend software to predict some (albeit obvious) future game releases.

It was determined that at least 38 N64 and 52 Mega Drive titles will be available on the Nintendo Switch Online apps. There is a way out of the chaos that is the game list, so these N64 titles are the most obvious.

  • 14 Mario Party
  • 15 Mario Party 2
  • 16 Mario Party 3
  • 32 Super Smash Bros
  • 33 Wave Race
  • 37 The Legend of Zelda Majora‚Äôs Mask

We are excited to play Super Smash Bros. online with our friends. You can view the tweet below to see data and try your hand at guessing the rest of these releases.

What mystery console ID is there in the Nintendo Switch Online determine database?

The latest NSO datamine revealed that a mysterious console ID was missing from the list. Mega Drive was 5 while SNES was 1, and NES was 1. They haven’t skipped 4 just because it sounds like the Japanese word for death (shi), then it is likely that 4 will be the Nintendo Game Boy Color NSO application, which was previously leaked. We expect to see the platform added soon.

Which games would you most like to see on Nintendo Switch Online? Do you have any other consoles that you would like to see? It would be a lot more fun for us if Nintendo got the TurboGrafx-16 & Master System libraries on their sometimes-a-handheld console sooner.

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