Pikmin Bloom release date

The cute and colorful Pikmin Bloom is the latest walking game by Nintendo and Pokemon Go’s Niantic. Niantic has teamed up with Miyamoto to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

In March 2021, Niantic announced that they were developing a Pikmin mobile game. The game is based on a few Pokemon Go features and not much else. It is designed to be a walking game and uses AR technology.

It is based on a simple concept. The goal of the game is to plant flowers and scatter flower petals, which will create a path of blossomed flowers. This will increase the speed of your Pikmin shoots, charge up nearby flower stem locations, and earn you flower coins. You can collect different Pikmin in various colors. Some even have their own cute outfits.

Pikmin Bloom release date

Pikmin Bloom was released in Australia and Singapore on October 27, 2021. The rest of the world has yet to hear an official release date.

Based on Pokemon Go’s launch, we can expect a global launch in October or November. It’s unlikely that it will be released after 2022.

It is worth noting, however, that Niantic has chosen this release to allow users to test a wide range of things. Server stability and performance, bugs and performance. It will be released as soon as Niantic believes the game is ready.

It’s obvious that it is frustrating that no official date has been set. It’s likely that it will be released before November 5th. It will likely be released after that date, if not, it will be delayed. It’s better to wait than to play a broken game.

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