Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Bugs One Year Later

Are you concerned that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla bugs could prevent you from playing the game once again? This article examines the current status of the game and identifies how many updates and patches have changed the experience since launch.

It has been nearly a year since Ubisoft’s latest historical epic, Assassin’s Creed Vahalla. While was praised, it was also acknowledged as a very buggy game. It was released in the midst of the pandemic and therefore came at a very difficult time for game designers. Ubisoft’s title was released just a few days before the launch of the glitchy Cyberpunk2077. It didn’t fail to sell records, but its poor launch state was not overlooked. Cyberpunk2077 was under fire, while the Assassin’s Creed Valhallabugs sailed peacefully towards riches.

Ubisoft has been adding to the game ever since and giving it live service. Although many bugs have been fixed, are the developers’ efforts paying off? This is how the game’s bugs look one year later as I experienced them during my most recent playthrough.

The Quests

My first section of the analysis is positive, at least when compared to November 2020’s first playthrough. The game’s quests were particularly clunky. Although I did not encounter it often during my main quest playthroughs, it was a common problem for side activities. Some reports suggest that it was more severe in some players and prevented them from finishing their main story. It’s almost inevitable that bugs will be discovered in the quests, considering the game’s length.

My most recent playthrough, October 2021, had no such issues. I was able to complete both the main storyline and the two DLC chapters without any issues. Quests were always there when they should be. It is not to say that all quests went smoothly. NPCs can sometimes behave in a strange way. It was not unusual for a game this large. It was at the most, consistent.

These are the only exceptions that I find noteworthy. They are similar glitches that I encountered last year. The first is the settlement quest that involves the baker. The baker freezes during an escort as a result of his side quest. You must escort him home after he has left the house. But he won’t move. This is not a major issue and will only require a return to the title screen. Another issue is related to bugs encountered during the boss fight with Fenrir of Asgard. The game required four hard resets in my first playthrough and one during my most recent. Sometimes the boss disappears during combat, making it difficult to complete the fight. These are Assassin Creed Valhallabugs that were present a year ago and I felt they deserved to be mentioned.

The Sound

This section is where the game’s still-buggy state will be most evident. Sound design was already a problem at launch. It seemed that the sound mixing process had gone horribly wrong. Character dialogue fluctuated in volume almost constantly. Some characters were louder than others while others spoke like they were wearing helmets. The sound was also most variable when you were sailing in your longship. For some reason, the game treated volume like it was dependent on distance from the camera. This might work for walking, but sailing in made it almost impossible to understand.

My recent playthrough revealed that the longship dialog issue was still present, but not as severe. This was not my main concern. Ravensthorpe, which is the player’s home town was a recurring issue. The location was particularly problematic in the second half of the game due to sound bugs. When in Ravensthorpe the noise would cut out, often removing ambient music or sound effects. Some dialogue scenes became completely silent due to this. To rewatch the cutscenes that were completely silent, I had to restart the game three times.

Music looping was another frustrating problem. Music looping was another frustrating issue. It often involved high-alert music with ominous drums. It would play in an endless loop regardless of where I was or what cutscene it was playing. These Assassin’s Creed Valhallabugs was definitely present during my playthrough and were even more common this time. This was an issue that was frequently complained about at launch. However, it has become more prevalent over time. It was frustratingly frequent for me to have to reset the game.

The Gameplay

We now come to the moment-to-moment gameplay. It was simply impossible to predict when a bug would arise. Some of the bugs were minor irritations like a new glitch in gear changing caused by Idunn’s Heart, a DLC skill. A healing golden aura appeared every time I changed gear. There was a 50% chance. It was possible to fix this by removing or reequipping any piece of gear, but it was still annoying.

My experience with Assassin’s Creed Valhallabugs since launch was also affected. Large objects that can be pulled or pushed have a chance of obeying. Sometimes, the object would move and sometimes it wouldn’t. This was not due to a blockage. I know this because canceling and trying again frequently worked. Unfortunately, the chance that Eivor will refuse to open doors or chests is still very high for raiding crews.

A new problem occurs in Francia. Eivor, their horse, and the DLC refuse to sprint in open fields. The DLC becomes a slow and painful journey through the countryside. The biggest problem is relatively new but has been around for more than a month. Online Avenge Quests are automatically accepted when Eivor is within their reach. The quest accepted notifications will appear on the screen whenever Eivor interacts with or loots items. They will continue this until they have completed the quest. Sometimes, the glitches can get worse. The quest disappears and the looting notification bug continues, which requires a hard reset. This was a constant issue that made it necessary to disconnect my internet connection. I was unable to disable quests in the game, so my internet access was lost completely.

Is it acceptable?

Assassin’s Creed Vaillabugs: Are they acceptable? I don’t expect a perfect bug-free experience, particularly not when playing large open-world games. Even so, I was at my wit’s end when it came down to these bugs. It’s a bug-filled experience all through, with major bugs affecting about once an hour. Add to that the game’s long length, and it can be a tedious experience. I lost count of how many times I had to reset the game several times during 120 hours of play. It frustrates me that Cyberpunk 2077 was the focus of all the attention. This allowed Ubisoft to avoid a lot of justified heat. It is evident that the game is in a worse state than it was at launch. This is unacceptable considering the game has had to add microtransactions and costly DLC since its release.

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