Reaching for Halo Infinite: What’s Master Chief doing?

Master Chief, regardless of what your opinion is of Halo 5 or 343 Industries has been on an emotional rollercoaster ride since the reclaimer story began. But what about post-Halo 5 Master chief?

Cortana is the only entity with which Master Chief has had a personal relationship for many years. She became rampant. With her network of surveillance cameras and other A.I., she is determined to destroy humanity. Earth is now forfeit, and the UNSC is on the brink. How can life, or Masterchief, continue in Halo: Infinite, while Earth is destroyed? Let’s go back to Halo 5 and see what happens.

Blue Team is freed by Team Osiris, but the screen then goes black. Master Chief is told by Locke that Cortana has disappeared. The screen then goes black. Panicked Lasky orders random hyperspace jumps until they find a way back.

Fireteam Osiris, 031 Exuberant Witness, and Fireteam Osiris foiled Cortana‚Äôs plans to keep Master Chief in stasis for 10,000 years. This was the last resort attempt of Cortana, a rampant Cortana who wanted Master Chief to understand her actions and ensure that there is everlasting peace for years to come. It’s better to avoid A.I. rampancy, readers.

Halo Infinite Chief Master Chief – How did they get to Genesis?

031 Exuberant witness confirmed that there are no Forerunner vehicles capable of transporting eight people off-planet. However, craft left by recent visitors might suffice. They chose to summon a portal by Exuberant Witness and commandeer a Pelican. They ended up on Sang Helios.

Master Chief shows a rare signs of remorse and apologizes to his fellow Spartans. He felt guilty for not ending Cortana’s rampancy before it took root. Chief’s comments were ignored by Linda, Spartan 088, and the primary sniper for Blue Team. He told him that he did what he believed was right at that time. Evidently, teammates tend to form deep bonds after child abduction and subsequent augmentations.

Locke also stood down, confirming Chief did all he could. This led to Dr. Halsey’s revelation by the Blue Teams that he was aboard UNSC Infinity. They hope she can take down Cortana once and for all. She knew Cortana more than anyone. They didn’t know Halsey would soon greet them.

Spartan Palmer, The Arbiter, and Catherine Halsey welcomed Master Chief and his company. Halsey displayed her usual sarcasm, whit saying “Well, it took too long.” Chief and Halsey hadn’t seen each other in six years. It was now time to enjoy a night of rest and feasting to celebrate Sang Helios’ victory over the Covenant loyalists, which had occurred just hours earlier.

Human forces said goodbye to the Arbiter and his company at 6:15 AM the next morning as they boarded the Pelican for the USNC Infinity. The Chief, Locke, and Halsey were joined by a few Spartans as they crossed the bridge to enter the fifth dock. This marked the end of Halo 5.

Halo Infinite Master Chief – Shadows Of Reach

One year after the events at Halo 5, Blue Team is sent back home to Reach, where it all started. Operation Wolf is their mission to retrieve an asset (now called ‘The Created”) from the underworld of Oni’s Castle Base. Before Halo: CE, the Covenant had destroyed the planet and broken into pieces. These events are described from Spartan Team Noble 6’s perspective in Halo: Reach and in Halo Novel The Fall Of Reach.

Castor, who is now the Chief of the Banished, holds Covenant Ideology. But the Banished want power. This could end up being a key plot point in Halo: Infinite. They’re also looking for the coveted “Portal under the Mountain”, which is located more or less near Castle Base. Chief isn’t very lucky, doesn’t he?

With the discovery of The Banished threat being fought by the Very Militia, it turns out that Reach was saved by a small group of human survivors. Blue Team helps them reach their goals and gets to Castle Base. The story is short: Blue Team uncovers some secrets and completes Opera Wolf. But what did Halsey want from Castle Base?

It’s thought to be a clone of her brain. To create a sentient A.I. A human brain must be electronically scanned in order to make a sentient A.I., like Cortana. The brain is also destroyed, so only the deceased can have A.I.

Halsey decided instead to clone her mind, three times, and then created Cortana. We believe that ‘The Weapon’ from Halo: Infinite is the result of scanning one of Halsey’s brains taken from Castle base on Reach.

We can follow the events of Halo Wars 2 from here. The Banished invade installation 0-0, also known as Zeta Halo. Oni Materials Group also creates the third generation Mjolnir Spartan armor for Chief at this time (which is why Halo Infinite Master chief has a grappling hook as well as upgradable components). The UNSC Spirit Of Fire ship also arrives at Zeta Halo. This is what started the conflict in Halo Wars 2.

UNSC Infinity On Zeta – Halo Infinite Chief Master Chief

Master Chief is seen floating in space above an unfinished Halo installation in the first Halo: Infinite trailer. The slip space demo gave us the date of 27 May 2560. This is from a Zeta Halo grounded Pelican. We also know that Dr. Halsey modified Chiefs Majolnir Mk. On 19 September 2561, Dr. Halsey modified Chiefs Majolnir Mk. III armor. This means that humans have been on Zeta Halo for over 16 months. His new UNSC soldier friend is also floating in space when Chief is discovered.

If Oni Materials Group made Mjolnir MK. The Infinity would have III armor, and the vessel could be on Zeta Halo because the Chief can upgrade his armor through Halo Infinite. This could also mean that Infinity and The Spirit Of Fire could team-up. Master Chief might find and fight alongside UNSC marines as well as other Spartans.

Halo Infinite Chief – Theories and speculation

It is obvious that Cortana, The Created, and The Created control a large portion of the galaxy. Fear has made it impossible to mention either entity. All A.I. was rallied by Cortana when they took over communications protocols. They also took control over security protocols and communications when Cortana rallied all A.I. If they are mentioned, The Created follows up with a Guardian who teleports to the location.

Master Chief may have been aboard the Infinity when it approached Zeta Halo. This would indicate that the Halo Ring seen in early trailers was a battle-damaged Zeta Halo. Perhaps the Infinity crashed landing caused this damage? It is important to remember that, while it may seem insignificant compared to a Halo ring, The Infinity, a huge construct, transports UNSC armies around the globe.

It’s strange that Chief would make such a blunt statement about Cortana after Halo 5. Chief went to great lengths to cure Cortana’s rampancy. Maybe he believes that there is a cure in Zeta Halo. The new campaign trailer features what appears to be a younger, more intelligent Cortana. She claims she was created to take Cortana down. But how is she going to do that?

We may also get a major reveal about Master Chief’s history, something beyond his ‘Reclaimer” status. It appears that 343i has dropped the reclaimed line of the saga in order to return to Halos roots. Guilty Spark 3343 is as original as Halo can get. Before he was a Chakas, he was a human. His consciousness was then transferred to the monitor that we all love and know.

Although this one is a bit cumbersome, Guilty spark has a Geas. This is a Forerunner genetic command which can be passed from generation to generation. It works in a similar way to human conditioning by linking commands with safewords. (Spoiler alert: Master Chief is the winter soldier). Guilty spark talks to Master Chief, Halo: CE as if he knows his role of ‘Reclaimer” at that moment in the Control Room of Installation.

Forerunner Manipular, Bornstellar was the first to give Guilty Spark command to light the Halo array. We look forward to Guilty Spark at installation 04 and he says “His response has not changed”when Chief asks him about his intentions with the Halo array. Spark is not speaking to Chief as a Reclaimer but as an Isodidact. Our Chief and Bornstellars Geas somehow linked? Let’s all hope that we will get a huge revelation that ties the entire franchise together.

We’ll let your brain rest on that note and we’ll wait for Halo to be released on Xbox Series X/S on December 8th and PC on Game Pass Ultimate.

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