Blizzcon is reimagined” (management speak: canned).

Blizzard is currently embroiled in litigation and controversy. The last thing you want to do is plan a Blizzcon fan conference in the next few months. The under-fire developer has decided to “step back” and put an end to the planning of the previously announced BlizzConline event, which is scheduled for early next. Although this was difficult for us all to decide on, it’s the right decision.

“Any BlizzCon event requires every single one of our employees to make it happen. It is an entire-company effort, fuelled by our desire to share the things we have created with the community that we care so deeply about.” We feel that the energy required to put on such a show is better directed towards our teams and the advancement of our games and experiences.

We would also like to take some time to imagine what the future BlizzCon event could look like.”

Although the news will disappoint many die-hard fans, Blizzard says it will continue to share news and updates about its games via its regular channels.

Make tough choices

With all the events surrounding it, it would have been difficult to hold the event and have managed to talk about the things people want Blizzard talking about – the game. So the decision is likely the right one. It allows the company to reset and align with industry standards.

Blizzard says they are excited about the possibility of revisiting the reimagining in the future. However, the date has not been set and Blizzard mentions that it isn’t clear if there will be a Blizzcon in any form in the near future.

The future of Blizzcon will be determined by time, but Blizzcon is a key part of the gaming industry for 16 years. Without it, things will not be the same.

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