Superliminal is a first-person “forced-perspective puzzle” game that allows you to escape bizarre dream worlds through manipulating objects and perspective. It’s similar to how you can make a coin appear more significant than the moon by holding it near your eyes. It was challenging and thought-provoking when we first looked at it last summer. However, it lacks the brain-teasing depth and surrealism of Portal and The Stanley Parable.

This is a strictly single-player experience. The free update today to celebrate the first-anniversary Superliminal’s launch is not what you would expect. It’s called Group Therapy, and it adds a competitive multiplayer mode that pits up 12 players against each other through a series of randomly generated rooms. It’s called a “Battle Royale” mode by developer Pillow Castle, but it’s just amusing irony. The goal is to be the first to leave.

Studio warned that the new model was “experimental,” meaning you might encounter occasional oddities while playing. Chris broke the singleplayer mode of the game once or twice by “experimenting a bit too freely.” I’m not sure if having a dozen players in an open arena with strange angles and bent perspectives will cause more problems. It might even be fun! It’s also free.

Superliminal isn’t free, but you can get it for half the price on Steam (from November 12 to December 12).

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