Refer a friend to Fortnite and you’ll get Epic rewards

If you’re anything like the WePC staff, you’ll be asking people to join you for Fortnite matches. Epic Games’ new Refer a Friend program has opened for registration. This will give you even more reasons to pester your friends into joining the popular Battle Royale. It’s not easy to get Fortnite’s exclusive Rainbow Racer Bundle even if you have a friend who’s willing to join you. We’ll walk you through what you need to do.

Epic Games has introduced Refer a Friend to Fortnite in order to attract new players or bring back old players. Referring a friend will allow you to bring new players into Fortnite’s colorful Battle Royale to earn exclusive rewards. But it isn’t easy. This is presumably to prevent people from taking advantage of the program. But you need to make sure your friends are willing to visit you regularly.

Who can be a referee for your project?

Referring someone to the program is only possible if they have played 120 hours in Battle Royale in the past 30 days. This can be someone new to Fortnite BR or someone who hasn’t played Fortnite BR in a while.

How can you refer a friend?

Register now to Refer a Friend by going to the official registration website. Your referee will need to be an Epic friend. If you are bringing in a new player, make sure they add Fortnite to their account first. After you have become friends, you will need to log into your Epic account via the Refer a Friend website. The next step is to select five friends who are eligible to join you. Refer a friend page will be used to sign up the referee.

Referring to a friend is a great way to earn rewards

You’ll be able to collect Rainbow Racer items after completing different challenges. Rainbow Racer, which is inspired by motor racing trophies (though not silver… apparently we aren’t good enough to get gold), is a must-have for motorsport enthusiasts. The outfit is based on the Headhunter model and features the original Recruit in a metallic, yellow, cyan, and black suit with racing gloves. You don’t have to complete the Rainbow Racer outfit because it is a time-consuming challenge. There are many other items that can be obtained.

Gridlock Loading Screen

You will automatically receive the Gridlock loading screen for registering with a friend as soon as you make a connection.

Flair Fare Glider and Miridescent Wrap

You can also get a matching Wrap or Glider if you keep in line with Rainbow Racer’s metallic clothes. Both have the same reflective silver color as her outfit with checkered flag detail and pink, yellow, and cyan trim. You can easily claim the Wrap by playing just one game with your referee. The Glider is also easy to obtain. You can collect the Flair Fare Glider if you place top 10 together with your referee three times in Duos or Trios.

Drive Shaft Pickaxe

The silver Drive Shaft Pickaxe completes the bundle. It features winged steering wheels as its head and is very much in keeping with the racing trophy design. This can be achieved by eliminating ten opponents in Duos or Trios with your referee.

How do you get Fortnite’s Rainbow Racer award?

Although the Rainbow Racer Outfit is the most difficult outfit to obtain, players still find it difficult. You and your referee must both level up 60 times each before you can earn the skin. These Account levels are different from Battle Pass levels and can be viewed under the Career tab. You can still make progress in Seasons as your account level rises. Season 8 will end around December 5, 2021.

What happens when a friend refers?

Register for Refer a friend by November 14th, 2021 at 11:59 EST. To obtain the Rainbow Racer Outfit, you will need to complete all challenges before January 10, 2022. Epic Games has yet to confirm if it will continue the Refer a Friend program beyond this date. If they do, you’ll need to invite more friends!

Our tutorials will help you and your referee level up Fortnite on PC. System Requirements page It will be able to handle it!

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