What is Hazard Zone? The New Battlefield 2042 Mode Explained

We have the reveal trailer for Battlefield 2042: Hazard Zone. This video trailer was released on October 14th and contains all the information you need about Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone.

All the information you need about the game mode can be found here. We hope you are as excited as us – Hazard Zone should offer a new Battlefield experience. It would be fantastic if EA could do it.

The Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone trailer is available below. You can now watch it, so go ahead and give it a shot!

What is the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone (Zone)?

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone allows four players to drop in on a map and search for data drives.

In 2042, the story of Hazard Zone begins with a 70% reduction in satellites due to a global blackout. Temporary satellites are now roaming the skies in low orbits collecting data, including ID scanning and photography.

In order to retrieve the data stored in data drives, the satellites were brought down by the US and Russian occupying forces. These data drives will help you keep your fellow No-Pats safe.

Hazard Zone is a Battlefield 2042 mode where four teams of four must get the data drives to extract the map from the map. It’s not about being the last one standing. It’s about tension and action caused by multiple teams fighting against AI enemies and nature over a limited resource.

Squads will arrive at the insertion point you have determined when you’ve completed your loadout. You should also bring your Intel Scanner, which can help you locate data drives (even if they are being held by enemy squads).

Your squad’s death or at the extraction point ends Hazard Zone. You have one chance to escape, and the second extraction is your last chance. You’ll all be rewarded if even one member of your team escapes alive. Only two teams can survive so be smart.

Trailer for Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Reveal

Hazard Zone Dark Market Credits

These are the rewards. Hazard Zone’s Dark Market Credits, also known as Dark Market Credits, are the currency you will earn for extracting data with all its components intact.

Based on how many data drives you collect, you’ll receive more Dark Market Credits. These also convert into XP that can be used to unlock new features.

Dark Market Credits are available to unlock additional guns or get more tactical upgrades pre-match.

What is the Hazard Zone Tactical Upgrades

Tactical upgrades are passive bonuses that you can buy with Dark Market Credits to equip before the match. Before you start things, you should talk to your squad to ensure you have the right mix of specialists and upgrades for the location and map you are dropping into. These are the upgrades available, with more to follow after launch.

We will keep you informed about which ones are best! Although Insider Information sounds delicious, it could also be a great way to set traps against enemy squads.

Hazard Zone Loadouts

Your personal favorite loadout can be brought into the Hazard Zone. You can only bring 1 of each Specialist into any game. You can’t have a whole squad of grappling hook-wielders. It would be absurd.

Communication is key here. Take into consideration the map and where you will be dropping off to determine which guns and specialists you choose, and what Tactical Upgrades you should use.

What is a Hazard Zone Extraction Streak?

Each specialist that you play is assigned a Hazard Zone Extraction Streak level. It increases by 1 for successful rounds and decreases by 0 for failed rounds. High Extraction Streaks will get you discounts on tactical upgrades or items for your loadout. The more streaks you have, the better your chances of succeeding next time.

How to Recover in Hazard Zone

Climb to Safety if you are killed in Hazard Zone. This is similar to being down in a BR match. As in All-Out Warfare, your teammates can revive and revive you. If you die completely, you will go into spectator mode and need to be revived via reinforcement uplinks (found on the map) or Squad Reinforcement tactical upgrade. You have limited resources so make sure you do your best to save your life.

How many players does Hazard Zone have?

The Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone allows for 32 players to play on PS5, Xbox Series S/S, and Windows PC. The maps on Xbox One and PS4 will only allow 24 players. This is still quite a lot of action, especially if you consider the AI squads against which you will be fighting.

There are 4 teams, so there will be 8 matches per squad on the current-gen version. Last-gen has 6 squads.

What is the length of a Hazard Zone Match?

The final extraction of Hazard Zone matches will take place between 10-12 minutes after the match starts. They’ll move very quickly. This will affect the loadouts you make in your first match. You might need to be more aggressive to obtain the initial extraction.

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