Halo Infinite Campaign Mode and The Story So Far

Many Halo fans had mixed feelings about Halo Infinite’s presentation thus far. The Free to Play multiplayer mode received a lot of love and allowed them to return to the world of the campaign.

You can find the Halo Infinite competitive settings here. The Halo series has had a great multiplayer experience. Single-player stories have been a big part of the franchise and are what made the Halo Infinite campaign so exciting, despite the lack of co-op at launch.

Halo Infinite – Campaign Mode and How The Story So Far Can Impact Next Game

The Halo story is loved by fans who want to know what Halo Infinite will bring to the next game. Here’s all we have so far.

The Start to Infinite

Before we get into Halo Infinite’s story mode, let’s go back a few years to the Halo 5 title. Also, remember that Halo Infinite’s story mode was set many years after the Halo 5 episodes. We are shown a teaser for what appears to be a new Halo Ring installation at the end of the Halo 5 legend ends. This will have some effect on the next title.

Halo 5 also shows that we almost have a Cortana villain after her actions in the back half. Fans have speculated that the Halo Wars 2 ending could also be a story mode element. Although there have been some hints that the two-story mode could cross over in some capacity, it is unlikely.

The Master Chief has just woken up, as well as the evil Cortana, Halo ring, and the Halo Infinite – a master chief. We know very little about Halo infinite but we can predict what will happen.

What We Know So Far

Recent updates have given us a lot more information about Halo Infinite. These are the details taken from the teasers.

Many Halo fans will be happy to know that the Master Chief will be the protagonist of Infinite. We already know that the story takes place many years after Halo 5, and the Chief appears as if he is waking up in a distorted space, with everything around him destroyed. Master Chief also wakes up, and the first thing that he sees outside is a broken Halo ring.

We also saw a Campaign Overview video from Halo Infinite. You can view it here for more information:

As Master Chief tries to unravel the mystery surrounding Cortana’s actions, The Weapon will be a key player in their story. The Brutes are also stunning, as well as the rich environments of Zeta Halo that Master Chief is using to charge through on foot or in different vehicles. It looks like a treat.

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