Shadow Warrior 3 has been delayed, and will launch in 2022

Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog, developers of Shadow Warrior 3, have confirmed that Shadow Warrior 3 has been delayed. It was previously confirmed that Shadow Warrior 3 would launch in 2018. However, it is now slated for a release date of “early 2022”. A new trailer was released alongside the announcement that Lo Wang’s adventures in Shadow Warrior’s latest entry will take more time.

Flying Wild Hog, appropriately called the “Official Delayed Trailer”, stated that they are striving to provide a ” 120% amazing” experience for players rather than the “99%” they currently offer. This is according to Devolver Digital’s official Twitter. The developer’s progress is not mentioned in this announcement, but it does indicate that it is ongoing.

Shadow Warrior 3 has been delayed, and will launch in 2022

Shadow Warrior 3’s trailer shows Lo Wang as he battles demons and pushes on through the game. Lo Wang will be available to players with his skills in acrobatic agility and martial arts training as well as various firearms. The trailer had previously confirmed that the 2021 release date would be available before this delay.

Flying Wild Hog is involved in several projects that continue until 2022. Evil West is planned for this year. 2022 promises Trek To Yomi, Space Punks, and Trek To Yomi. We speculate that the delay in Shadow Warrior 3 and three other games is due to the team’s thinness.

Fans will have to wait until more information from Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital about Shadow Warrior 3. We’ll keep you updated when it happens.

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