Are We Going to Ever Get A New Silent Hill Game?

This little retrospective series is our first. One franchise has been more difficult than others since we started it. It’s not difficult to tackle a series like The Darkness when there are only two games. However, there is plenty of meat on these bones. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to tackle Silent Hill.

Silent Hill is a horror franchise that many consider one of the greatest. It was a big part of many people’s childhood. The series has had a turbulent history in recent years and its future has been uncertain ever since. We are now asking the question: Will we ever see another Silent Hill game?

Konami is the place where silent Hill began its history. The first game was developed in September 1996 with the goal of creating a successful game in the West. The team chose to create a supernatural horror video game set in the small American town of Silent Hill. The inspiration for the franchise came from many sources. One of them was The Mist, a Stephen King novel that describes monsters attacking a small town in heavy fog. This inspiration was a huge help to the Silent Hill series. The developers used heavy fog to hide the PS1’s draw distance issues.

Another aspect that made Silent Hill synonymous was Akira Yamaoka’s incredible sound design and score. Akira Yamaoka was a long-standing Konami employee who composed the music for such games as Contra: Hard Corps and Snatcher. Akira offered to be a composer on Silent Hill’s original soundtrack. was the series’ sound designer lead. He had been working on Silent Hill for over a decade. Although he would leave Konami in 2010, he found his way back into horror by working with Bloober Team on The Medium.

It felt like Silent Hill was the best in the world at the beginning. The series’ first game, was released in 1999. sold over 2 million copies worldwide. This is an incredible feat for a gaming industry that began over 20 years ago. Silent Hill 2 & 3 were equally successful, earning an equal or greater success than the original entry. 2001’s SH2 earned an 89 on Metacritic and was considered the best entry in the series. Silent Hill 3 in 2003 received an 85 and sold 300,000.00 copies in a matter of months.

It’s here that the legacy starts to fade, but not as fast as you might think. Silent Hill 4: The Room was released on PS2, Xbox, and PC in 2004. It didn’t take place in Silent Hill but instead focused on an apartment in another town that may have some supernatural connection with the mind of a serial killer. A strange hole is also found in the bathroom, which may or not be a portal into other dimensions. It’s almost like Being John Malkovich if it were a horror movie. It’s not like that.

The game was different from Silent Hill’s tropes. SH4: The Room was boldly designed to keep the franchise new, but it failed to get many reviews. Silent Hill 4 scored an average score of 76 at Metacritic. Reviewers were raving about the game’s story and creepy visuals, while criticizing the game’s sloppy targeting, despite the fact that it is more focused on combat.

This is when Silent Hill’s series begins to take a new direction. The first four Silent Hill games were developed by Team Silent at Konami. However, Konami started licensing the brand to other West-based development companies to make something of the series. It was mostly downhill after that, with the exception of a few hits.

British development house Climax Studios was responsible for two of the most beloved games of the period: Silent Hill: Origins (PS2/PS2) in 2007 and Shattered Memories (PS2/PS2/Wii) in 2009. Origins, as the name suggests, is a prequel to the events in Silent Hill. It sets everything in motion that happened in the original Silent Hill. Shattered Memories, meanwhile, reimagine events from the original game through the eyes and perspective of a psychotherapy session.

Origins received decent reviews. The PSP version of Origins ranked 78 on Metacritic. This is despite critics deeming it a great stopgap title that merely rehashes what was before it, rather than being something new. received a slightly better review, reaching 79 on Metacritic. Although there were some issues with gameplay, the game’s inclusion of psychotherapy questions and answers that could affect the horrors you encounter in-game gave it a little more edge.

Homecoming was developed by Double Helix Games, and released on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in 2008. It was the worst entry in Silent Hill’s series, with a Metacritic score of 71 on PS3. While it isn’t terrible, it has flaws. The main issue was that it felt more like an action game than a tense, psychological horror.

What went wrong with Silent Hill?

Silent Hill released three games in a year, two originals, and one port collection. This was after a steady release schedule from 1999 to 2009. All this time you wait for horror games set in a fog-covered town. Then suddenly, all three are released at once. What are the chances? It’s just too bad that none of them actually reinvigorated this series.

The port Silent Hill HD Collection was released in late-2000 and bundled Silent Hill 2 with 3. The HD Collection was criticized for only including Silent Hill 2/3. Origins, The Room, and Silent Hill 1 could have been included, but this was not a new practice at Konami. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection only included 2/3 of the games, leaving the original game out in the cold.

The development handled by Hijinx Studio was hamstrung by the fact that earning a 70 rating on Metacritic.

A Silent Hill-exclusive release, Downpour, was published alongside the HD port. Downpour, developed by Czech studio Vatra Games follows the story of an outsider to Silent Hill. He travels between the Real World and the Otherworld and encounters monsters and apparitions who prey on his psychological insecurities. It was basically survival horror, but there were some problems.

Although Downpour’s return into the world of psychological horror was praised by reviewers, Downpour was rated as one of the worst-reviewed games in the series. Downpour is ranked 64 on Metacritic. Both Silent Hill HD Collection (and Downpour) failed to reach the UK Top 10 Sales charts during launch week. This suggests that neither game was a huge commercial success for Konami.

Silent Hill was not a huge commercial success. It also followed the same path as Resistance and Killzone, with, a Vita game. Silent Hill: Book of Memories, a dungeon crawling game, was developed by WayForward. Players could create their own characters from any of five classes and then wander through different zones to kill the various monsters.

It has been noted that the directive regarding the development of Book of Memories was to be “Vita-centric Silent Hill,” not traditional, and “different every single time you play,” so a dungeon crawler definitely ticks all those boxes. Book of Memories received a 58 rating on Metacritic because most of the critics didn’t like it. Book of Memories, as it stands now, is the last proper Silent Hill release. However, this doesn’t mean that Silent Hill has stopped trying.

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