Football Manager 2022: The Best Free Agents You Need to Sign

Football Manager 2022 will bring you a new season full of tactics, transfers, and tyranny by Callum Wilson. It’s tempting to save PSG, Manchester City, or Newcastle but there is something to be said about dealing with the best free agents.

Agent fees, signing fees, and other fees are a part of the cost of playing professionally, but it’s still worth picking up high-quality players and helping to tell their stories. Imagine being able to turn a neglected, unloved player into a star at your club, or even a legend.

Here are the top free agents in Football Manager 2022 that you should check out if you want to save money or just have no money.

Daniel Alves

Dani Alves, a true football legend, is the ideal right-back cover for a year, and a stopgap that will do a great deal for cup games.

Although he isn’t gifted with speed (which is not surprising considering his 40s), Dani Alves still shows all of the talent and ability to play with the ball. Although he has modest wage expectations, you shouldn’t be expecting him to start every game.

Joris Gnagnon

Joris Gnagnon is something of an exception in the footballing world. He was only 24 years old, but he made only seven appearances for Sevilla over three years and didn’t have any injuries.

When you look at his strengths, it’s hard to understand why he didn’t play more. Gnagnon is a powerful CB (check that strength), with great heading and metals. He will do more than just a job at any top-level club. Gnagnon is wanted by France at the beginning of any save.

Jack Wilshere

Poor Jack Wilshere. He deserves more than being one of the most valuable free agents in Football Manager 2022. Wilshere is a great player to weave a story of redemption if you feel the need.

Although Wilshere is physically very poor (having ninety injuries will do that), he has the mental and technical skills to work for any of Europe’s lower half teams. Wilshere is also willing to accept lower wages.

Nabil Bentaleb

Bentaleb is a player who has disappointed and delighted fans at his various clubs. He has always felt that he was on the verge of breaking out but has never been able to do so. After a difficult time at Schalke, Bentaleb starts Football Manager 2022 free of charge.

Bentaleb excels as a mezzala and is a solid option for the middle of the pitch. He’s a great passer of the ball, but you shouldn’t expect him to get past anyone due to his poor physicals. Bentaleb is a solid option for covering the middle of the park. He won’t necessarily wow, but he will do the job.


Paulinho, a player in the final stages of his career (though it is possible that he has been there for quite some time), is an ex-Barcelona talent and Tottenham talent who can fill at least one season.

Paulinho, who is solid in all areas, can also score many goals from the midfield. His second season will see a decline in physicals, but the metals will prove to be very beneficial for his mentoring units. Although his wages are a bit high, it is easy to feel tempted to sign a player without paying any transfer fees.

Koke Vegas

The Spaniard Koke Las has a very cool nickname. However, he still has a lot to learn and will be an excellent pair of backup hands for many teams in Europe.

He is a solid goalkeeper with good reflexes and handling. You might not be able to challenge him for the top, but Vegas will provide depth at a low wage.

Giovinco is an excellent backup option and knows the best places to put the net. A quick glance at his vision, finishing, first touch, vision, passing, and finishing is proof of this. Although his wages aren’t too high and he is a bit slow for wings, it’s not impossible to find someone who can dictate the game from the top.

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