Ubisoft Sends Shady Emails to Far Cry 6 Players for Not Playing Enough

Games don’t always grab us. Sometimes we just want to pick up the latest titles or continue a series we really enjoy, but do not feel compelled. It could be that you have something better at the moment, maybe you are busy, or it might not be everything you had hoped for. In any event, we all have stopped from playing games here and there simply… because. However, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 players will be surprised to learn that they won’t get an email mocking them if they haven’t played enough.

Far Cry6 players will be judged on how many hours they have spent in-game. Brendan Sinclair, a GamesIndustry.biz journalist, tweeted about how Ubisoft would “hassle” players if they don’t spend enough time in-game. He tweeted: “A lot games are already ruthlessly engineered to maximize engagement. But now they email you and hassle you if your dare to quit playing them.”

The email pictured shows Ubisoft mocking Yara’s leader Anton Castillo in a marketing email. It reads: “Hola Rojas. I want to thank you for giving me free rein in Yara. Relax, Yara’s in capable hands. Along with the three-hour playtime, it also states “Surely you can achieve better than this.”

This has caused a split in opinion. Many people don’t like Ubisoft’s plan to make you play more of a game you may not enjoy. Others think it’s cool.

The original tweets don’t explain that players may be emailed on other occasions. El Presidente will send emails to players who have made significant progress in the story. Example: “You have taken 2 regions from me, Guerrilla. But I will return it all. I will erase your name from history. Your name will not be known to anyone.” This was done to kill a total of 1331 NPCs. Anton is a constant nuisance to everyone.

This is clearly a PR move to remind players there’s a game they have started but not finished. It’s up to each player to decide if it’s a good or bad move.

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