Amazon temporarily disabled wealth transfers in its MMO New World. This was due to a “possible golden duplication exploit”. The company is currently investigating the matter and stated that wealth transfers would be restored once they have a better understanding of it.
It also warned about the dire consequences of taking advantage of this exploit. “Any player who has engaged in this exploit will face legal action.”

This post does not explain how to exploit the duplication bug. It is also unclear whether it is the same exploit that was reported a few weeks ago. Reddit has at least one thread claiming that the exploit is known since the New World beta. However, others on Reddit or in the New World forums claim it is completely new.

This latest issue is just one of many that Amazon’s popular MMO, Gold Duplication, has had to deal with since its launch at the end of September. Players discovered an easy to use invincibility exploit in mid-October. Then, last week, they found out how to crash the game using HTML code via chat. New World’s economy has also come under fire. Amazon recently said that the reports of a currency crisis forcing players to resort bartering were exaggerated, but an abrupt, large-scale influx of gold could cause chaos. Ironically, the root cause of this problem is a spiralling currency shortage.

Amazon stated that it would update the announcement after wealth transfers in New World have been reactivated. Although there is no information at this time as to when it might occur, I don’t think Amazon will want to delay. I have reached out to the exploit team and will keep you updated if I get a response.

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