Sega stated its desire to make a “Super Game” in the next five years back in May. The Japanese publisher has now entered into a strategic alliance to Microsoft. It plans to use Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for these ambitious plans.
Sega, in a press release, announced its partnership with Microsoft to create “large-scale, global gaming experiences in a next generation development environment”. Sega mentions 5G’s widespread deployment for its push into cloud tech in both how it makes and distributes its games.

Sega’s “Super Game” project will form the basis of this partnership. This was initially described as a pitch for a new IP with global reach. However, the announcement this week only included vague buzzwords such as “Global”, “Online”, and “Community”. Sega has been a respected publisher of Japanese RPGs and PC strategy games for many years. However, this week’s announcement sounds more like a pitch to create a new IP with global reach.

“SEGA has played an iconic role within the gaming industry and they have been a tremendous partnership over the years,” stated Sarah Bond, Microsoft CVP. We look forward to working with them as they explore new ways of creating unique gaming experiences using Microsoft cloud technologies. We will work together to reimagine the way games are built, hosted and managed, with the goal of providing more value for players and SEGA.

Sega and Microsoft would not be the first to collaborate, but the two companies will partner to release 11 exclusive games on the original Xbox as part of the console’s disastrous push into Japan. Sega supported its “Super Game” announcement, with plans to revive older IP. I am keeping my fingers crossed for any Jet Set Radio Future revival, though it may seem wishful thinking.

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