Roblox, one the most loved games in the world has been down for almost two days. The huge games platform, which is most popular among children under 13, began experiencing issues on October 28th, at 7 PM ET. Since then, both the website and the game have been unavailable. Roblox Corporation has issued only two statements on Twitter since the outage started. Both stated that they are “working hard” and would get things back to normal.
These statements are all that have been made. There has not been any information or cause for the outage. Roblox is not expected to be back online until a timeframe has been established. Roblox was offline for 46 hours at the time of publication. This is a huge inconvenience for parents, and I am sure it has been a nightmare for at least one parent.

On Saturday afternoon, a third statement was made on Twitter. It was later deleted. Roblox Corporation stated that it believed it had identified one of the causes of the outage. They are currently working on the engineering and maintenance work necessary to get Roblox up and running again as quickly as possible. Although it is not known why the statement was deleted at this time, PC Gamer reached out to get any updates or clarifications.

Roblox is the most popular game in the world, with more than 200 million players monthly. However, Roblox proudly calls itself a platform with “experiences” and not a game. Roblox is a platform for game creation and a game platform, rather than one unified game.

Roblox’s last few years have been a huge success. Roblox was founded by children who stayed inside during the pandemic. The company then went public. It has faced many controversies, including a lawsuit from the music industry and accusations that it exploits vulnerable young developers for a profit.

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