Dead by Daylight’s Hellraiser NFT Partnership Angers Players

Dead by Daylight players are furious after Behaviour Interactive announced that it had partnered with Park Avenue Entertainment and Boss Protocol to create a Pinhead NFT token. Hellraiser’s Pinhead joined Dead by Daylight in September as a popular multiplayer survival horror game. He is now the latest horror movie icon to join a long list of licensed characters players can survive against and take control of during matches.
NFTs, a blockchain-derived proof that “ownership” is possible for people who purchase specific data online, can be granted to those who have purchased the relevant data. These can be images, artwork, or any other digital items. NFTs are a popular choice for some. However, many have criticized them due to their ties to scammers and the negative environmental impact. Sega and other popular gaming companies have made NFTs mainstream, and NFT-playable video games have increased in popularity.
Behaviour Interactive announced the news via a tweet that it had been working with Park Avenue Entertainment and Boss Protocol for months to modify Hellraiser models for NFTs. Hellraiser’s Pinhead character model was displayed on The Boss Protocol website. This included a Chatterer and a Lament Configuration. Later, the developer clarified that NFTs would not be restricted to in-game content. Behavior admitted that the NFTs could be used to access additional digital items. Players such as the evils within have reacted strongly to the studio’s announcement. Dead by Daylight’s Steam player base dropped significantly, with some players even going so far that they review-bombed the game and the individual DLCs.

Many players were also concerned that Dead by Daylight might be removed from Steam, and Valve would have to issue refunds due to its new blockchain policy. Valve announced recently that it would ban Steam games, including cryptocurrency exchanges or NFTs. This will give developers who use blockchain technology the opportunity to revise titles before the policy takes effect. Behavior responded by stating that it doesn’t sell NFTs and that Dead ty Deadlight does not use blockchain technology.

Dead by Daylight’s NFT-related backlash online seems to be ongoing despite all the official responses and assurances. The company became the latest to promote its game using exclusive NFTs publicly. Although blockchain technology and NFTs are not likely to disappear anytime soon, moves such as Steam’s ban on blockchain and stiff player reactions to Dead by Daylight flirting with blockchain could prevent NFTs from mainstream gaming.

Dead by Daylight will welcome Mikaela Reid, a witch-themed Survivor. This asymmetric multiplayer game offers a variety of playable Killers and Survivors, with new characters being added regularly.

Dead by Daylight has four Survivors facing a single Killer. The Survivors are responsible for turning on generators all over the map to escape the Killer before he can kill them all. The Killer has few offensive abilities, so Survivors must work together and stealthily to escape. As the player progresses through Dead by Daylight, each Survivor has their Perks to help them in their mission.
DeadByBHVR’s official account, Dead by Daylight, tweeted the announcement about the new Survivor. A short video revealed Mikaela Reid’s name and her witch-like appearance. She will be joining the game in the Hour of the Witch update in October 2021. The new update will only include the Survivor and no Killers or other Survivors.

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