Relic’s historical simulation of sheep-murder, Age of Empires 4, is currently at the top of Steam’s global top sellers charts. It is ahead of Phasmophobia (which currently is on sale) and New World (which I find inexplicable).
According to SteamDB, Age of Empires 4 reached a peak player count of 73.928 during the weekend. This is approximately the Dominica population. This is a significantly higher peak player count than Garry’s Mod, Vermintide 2 or XCOM Enemy Unknown. This does not include the Game Pass players for PC. This is a lot of sheep-murder, I think.

Robert Zak thoroughly enjoyed the new RTS series. He wrote that “Age of Empires 4 may not have the balanced appeal of AoE 2, however, it is still fun to play with different civs and discover their unique ways. The Mongols are the most dangerous wildcard. They can pack entire towns into carts and move to an​y place on the map. I had a great time with the Delhi Sultanate, too. They were able to stomp on my AI enemies with War Elephants that they didn’t know how to answer.”

Is it now the right time for RTS to return? Recent examples include Age of Darkness Final Stand and the impressive student project Vedelem The Golden Horde. Company of Heroes 3 will be out next year. Then there is whatever Tencent’s team, which is headed by ex-Blizzard developers, is currently working on. While the next Dune will be an online survival game, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be an RTS. Do you want to see the return of which series?

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