The Matrix 5 Will Happen If Lana Wachowski Wants It, Says WB CEO

Ann Sarnoff, WarnerMedia CEO, confirms that The Matrix 5 will be made as long as Lana Wachowski, co-writer and director of the film. The sci-fi action film franchise is currently gearing for its long-awaited return with The Matrix Resurrections. This movie takes place 20 years after Thomas A. Anderson’s events. Anderson lives an everyday life in San Francisco, where he is prescribed blue pills by his therapist. Anderson meets Trinity shortly after he loses his memory. However, Anderson is reunited with Morpheus, who gives him the red pill and offers to help him reopen his eyes to the truth about The Matrix.
The Matrix Resurrections stars Lana Wachowski, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Lambert Wilson. It also stars a cast of new franchise actors, including Yahya Abdul–Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, and Neil Patrick Harris. The Matrix franchise’s future is still unknown. The film took over 20 years to make, but there might be some hope for those eager for more.

As the year draws to a close, Sarnoff recently spoke with Deadline about the studio’s theatrical and simultaneous HBO Max release models and how they affect plans for upcoming titles. Sarnoff, assessing whether The Matrix 5 would be able to get off the ground following its HBO Max release, made sure to point out that it is the last model of its kind and expressed confidence in its director/writer. Below is what Sarnoff had to say:

“Anytime Lana (Wachowski), wants to make movies, we’re all in.”

Many reports said that The Matrix Resurrections was a reboot of the franchise. However, no sequel plans were announced by anyone involved in the film. Although the film’s plot is still unknown, the official synopsis from the studio suggests that the original Matrix sequels are no longer considered canon. However, shots from the trailer indicate continuity with those films. It’s not hard to imagine that the studio and creative behind the film will refrain from discussing any follow-up plans, despite knowing the details a few months before the film’s release.

Fans should be excited to hear that The Matrix 5 is still possible. If Lana Wachowski wants it to happen, this should be a positive sign. This confidence will inspire audiences to believe that a fifth movie could be made. It also shows that Denis Villeneuve’s Dune sequel is possible. The future of the sci-fi franchise will only be known when The Matrix Resurrections arrives in theaters and HBO Max on Dec 18.

The Matrix Resurrections by Lana Wachowski is on the horizon, and the cast is in place. There are no late surprises and plenty of familiar faces who are ready to take another pill. Keanu Reeves is back, despite the fate of his character at The Matrix Revolutions. But he’s not alone.

Although 1999’s original The Matrix was a groundbreaking piece of cinema from Wachowskis, its sequels are often inferior. However, this hasn’t stopped people from asking for a fourth installment throughout the years. Lana Wachowski directed it with an official announcement that The Matrix 4 was in the works, and this wish became a reality. While story details are not available, it seems that The Matrix Resurrections will combine the old and the new with prominent modern stars and cast members of the original trilogy.

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Rumors suggest that The Matrix 4 may be passing off the torch and triggering a new trilogy. Others have suggested that a time-travel story might be the order of business, with younger versions of iconic characters appearing. These are the return figures from The Matrix Resurrections.

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