The Witcher season 2 will be available on Netflix in December. This is a bright year for Witcher. Today’s trailer also features a lot of the gnarly Witcher World monsters and the war that will be taking place in the second season. After the trailer’s reveal, Lauren Hissrich, showrunner, ran a Twitter Q&A to answer any questions. She shared answers about a special leshy and deeper character relationships as well as some excellent bard songs.
Fans immediately recognized some familiar elements after taking in the trailer. A quick shot of Thanedd Island is shown. This is the location of Aretuza’s magic academy. Here, Yennefer can be seen in action. At some point, we’ll be returning to the home of the sorceresses at some point during season 2.

A leshy is also known as a spriggan and is a dangerous forest creature capable of controlling plants and animals within its territory. In The Witcher 3, you might have seen a frightening leshy and its pack of wolves. Hissrich states that this is a very special type of leshy and you will have to see season 2 to find out more.

It’s hard to tell what it might have in common from its quick appearance. Geralt and Ciri get involved in fighting it together. Hissrich says that there are still more monsters in season 2. This is something we haven’t seen in the trailers.

Others pointed out faces that they didn’t see in the trailer. Triss, a notable season one sorceress, is one example. However, Hissrich assures us that we won’t see the last of her. Philippa Eilheart, Sigismund and Dijkstra were also asked for their help. Both of them were cast recently for season 2. Don’t worry. They’ll be there.

Hissrich addressed a question regarding fans’ feedback and how season 2 will build on the first season. She says, “It is a challenge when there are different views. “But I heard some things loud and clear and took them to heart in S2–deeper characters relationships, for example.”

She also spoke a bit about the relationships between two of our main characters. “This season explores many multi-generational stories. Tissaia & Yen are just one example. She says that Aretuza has a special scene filled with lightning. Geralt is the focus of my attention. “What I can say about Geralt is that this season opens up new emotional depths–as a father, as well as a son and brother, as well as a Witcher. It’s an absolute joy to watch.

Geralt sounds like he will be digging deep into his suppressed emotions during the big Witcher family get-together at Kaer Morhen in Season 2. It’s possible that Geralt may be a little anxious about bringing home his adopted daughter.

And then, of course, someone had to wonder if Jaskier would drop any new songs this season. Yes, it is. They will be able to live up to Toss A coin To Your Witcher’s absolute earworm. We will have to wait until December 17th to find out.

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