Sea of Thieves 25 Million Gold Giveaway Celebrates 25 Million Players

Sea of Thieves, an Xbox Game Studios game, gives 25 million gold to celebrate 25 million pirates. The Sea of Thieves developers thanked their players for the most active month, June 2021, when the open-world pirate game had 4.8 million users. Pirates Life, which introduced fictional characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, was responsible for the expansion’s success. Even after three and a half years, the lure of sailing with Captain Jack Sparrow was enough for the game to grow in popularity.
Sea of Thieves Season Four update was also released recently. This gave pirates an opportunity to explore Sunken Kingdom. Season Four brought six Siren Shrines to the Sunken Kingdom, which are filled with treasures and puzzles that appeal to pirates. Rare, a Sea of Thieves developer, has consistently added new content to the open-world. The developers highlighted 25 new content that was added to Sea of Thieves’ Fort Of Fortune world event, The Reaper’s Bones Trading Company, which brought dangerous Emissaries to high seas. They also pointed out Treasure Vault Voyages, which got heisting into the open-world pirate game. Sea of Thieves is gaining popularity thanks to regular updates and crossovers between popular franchises such as Borderlands. Now, players will be rewarded.
Xbox reports that Sea of Thieves will celebrate its 25 million player milestone with a 25,000,000 gold giveaway. Every pirate who submits treasure between October 19 and October 26 will be eligible to win a 25-million gold payout. Although the selection will be random, the selected pirate will receive more treasure than they are likely to handle. Everyone else will get a bonus of 25,000 gold and 25 Doubloons for logging in to Sea of Thieves during the event.

Sea of Thieves is rich in gold. Twenty-five million is enough to buy even the rarest items in the game. Kraken Blunderbuss weapons are expensive and can be purchased for 85,050 gold. Pirates can buy powerful firearms with 25 million gold. The 25 million gold giveaway will transform a pirate’s life. The lucky player will have the opportunity to upgrade their ship with expensive upgrades such as the Triumphant Sea Dog Hull and Triumphant Sea Dog Figurehead. The 25,000 gold and 25 Doubloon prizes for all players are a nice touch to celebrate the player base’s success in setting sail in Sea of Thieves.

Rare’s open-world pirate game has seen continuous updates, new challenges, and new areas. Rare has taken its game to new heights. Despite having a rough start, the sea¬†of Thieves’ huge player count is a testament to the level of success that a game can achieve with constant effort and support from its publisher and developer.

Sea of Thieves’ fourth season begins today, September 23. It introduces new treasures and secrets as players explore the Sunken Kingdom. Rare’s pirate adventure has enjoyed a great year. It reached a new player milestone with the Pirates of the Caribbean Sea of Thieves expansion. Season four also expands the game.

The third season of Sea of Thieves featured five new Tall Tales. These story-focused adventures can be done solo or with friends. They feature Pirates of the Caribbean characters as well as themed stories. The Sunken Pearl, the second Tall Tale, took players to the Sunken Kingdom. It was teased ahead of the release of season four. Players were tasked to find Captain Jack Sparrow’s Infamous Compass and solve puzzles using their underwater breathing tool. Season three of the Sunken Kingdom lacked content, but season four brings new Sea of Thieves content.
Rare has revealed the four season’s content via Xbox Wire. Six Siren Shrines will be found in the Sunken Kingdom. Each one is filled with puzzles, and there’s a cache of deep-sea treasure for anyone who can break its heart. Season 4 will see pirates take on the Siren Treasuries. They will be competing with Ocean Crawlers and Sirens to seize the new Coral treasures. The Pirate Emporium has received a new Golden Nile Ship Collection, and the Plunder Pass gives pirates the chance to wear spooky Jack O’Looter costumes. A limited-time event has also been announced. This includes the Festival of the Damned. This year’s theme event is called “Fury of the Damned.” Trials and Deeds will be expanded for players. Rare explanations:

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