Amy Hennig, the former creative director of Uncharted, teamed up with Skydance Media in 2019 to create a new studio. The company claimed that it will “shape interactive media’s future.” We now know what they are up to: Skydance New Media today announced that it is partnering with Marvel on a “narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure” game.
Hennig stated that the Marvel Universe epitomizes the action, mystery, and thrills of the pulp-adventure genre. It lends itself perfectly to interactive experiences. It’s an honor to tell a story that is original with all of the humanity, complexity, and humor that make Marvel characters so timeless and allow our players to portray these heroes they love.

Hennig is not unfamiliar with blockbuster licensing. Hennig was a veteran of Electronic Arts for nearly a decade, where she managed Visceral’s failed Star Wars project, codenamed Ragtag. Julian Beak, an ex-EA producer who worked on Star Wars with Hennig, joined her as vice president at Skydance. Todd Stashwick, a Ragtag cowriter, also joined the project earlier in the year.

The Marvel project’s development team includes “an experienced crew of developers with decades-long AAA experience in adventure and action gaming,” as well as “a diverse team of creative consultants from film, television, and comics.” This aspect of the project is not encouraging to me, but it shouldn’t be too distracting.

Skydance’s game will be “a completely new story and take on Marvel Universe,” but no details were given about which part of Marvel Universe it is dealing with. A Fantastic Four game, perhaps? Perhaps Alpha Flight? It won’t be Alpha Flight. A What If? episodic series. It might be worth considering. Personally, I would bet on the X-Men. There are lots of characters, drama, and plenty of interstellar narrative avenues. And since nobody knows the exact nature of what is happening with those people at any given time, Hennig and co. will have plenty of room to experiment.

Skydance stated that the game will provide more information “when the time is right.”

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