Xbox Series X/S 2TB & 512GB SSD Expansion Cards Revealed

Two more official external storage cards will be available for the Xbox Series X/S. This will give players more options when it comes to expanding their memory. There has been a rumor that a smaller Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X/S is coming. Insiders and retailers have suggested it will be available in the next year.
As games grow in size, it is more important to have more access to expandable memory options. The Xbox Series X has 1TB of storage, while the Xbox Series S only has 500GB. Users might only be allowed to install a few games at once because AAA games often have file sizes exceeding 100GB. Call of Duty: Vanguard, for example, is said to be 270GB in size.
Microsoft has announced two additional expansion cards for its Xbox Series X/S. The 512GB and the 2TB versions of the 1TB Storage Expansion Card will be joining them. They were created in close collaboration between Xbox, Seagate, and Microsoft. The smaller card can be pre-ordered now for $139.99. It will launch in mid-November. The 2TB card will launch in December at $399.99. These new products, like the 1TB Storage Expansion Card before them, are optimized to match the internal storage of the Xbox Series X/S. These cards can be used to play the most influential games on consoles, unlike external storage devices.

Phil Spencer, Xbox’s head of development, recently stated that Microsoft is still interested in acquiring developers for video games. Microsoft purchased Bethesda in January and is currently looking for talented studios to join the company. Spencer stated that Microsoft is still looking for more studios to buy for Xbox.

Seagate and Microsoft should offer more Storage Expansion Cards. This is especially important considering that the consoles are almost a year old. Players could also have more extraordinary game collections. These products will offer more options for expanding the storage on the Xbox Series X/S. They also make it easier to install more games. This is a piece of excellent news for gamers all over the globe.

S production may not lift until sometime next year. For around 18 months, console manufacturers have been struggling with pandemic-induced stock shortfalls. AMD and Foxconn, electronics manufacturers, predicted that the problem would continue through 2021.

Although the newest consoles from Sony and Microsoft are still challenging to obtain, both hardware continues to break internal records. S, for instance, counts as the fastest-selling Xbox console to date, moving an estimated 6.5 million units as of June 30. According to financials, the PlayStation 5 sold ten units on July 18, making it the fastest-selling Sony hardware. Despite the persistent shortage of semiconductors, each tech giant could shift more devices. Although Sony and Microsoft are trying to get supplies, it seems like the general shortages will continue for at least another year.
According to Bloomberg (via VGC), Toshiba acknowledged that it would not fulfill its semiconductor orders in the next year. According to Takeshi Kamebuchi, one of the directors responsible for Toshiba’s semiconductor output, there could be a shortage in some cases through 2022. Kamebuchi mentioned low production and market demand as the reasons for the company’s limitations. Kamebuchi also mentioned consoles during the discussion, saying that “game console manufacturers are among the strongest customers and I’m sorry for their frustration because none of them have a 100% happiness.” According to reports, manufacturers have shared plans to reduce the number of components on their hardware’s circuit boards. As many people may be aware, Sony already has a lighter PlayStation 5 model on the market.

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