Rebecca Ferguson Shares Her Original Reaction to Dune’s Massive Sandworms

Rebecca Ferguson, Dune actress, didn’t understand the film’s scale. Based on Frank Herbert’s science-fiction novel, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune essentially takes place on Arrakis, also known by Dune, a desert planet that is full of dangers and incredibly bleak. The sandworms, colossal creatures, are one of those dangers.
The sandworms of Dune live below the surface in the dunes, which cover most of the planet. The worms are attracted to rhythmic vibrations similar to Graboids from Tremors. They then breach the surface to consume everything above them. It is rare to see a worm in the world of Arrakis and to be able to tell a story about it. Sandworms can grow to as high as 450m in length, but myths place their height at 700-1000 meters. The sandworms’ outer skin is covered with thick, orange scales. These serve as armor to prevent internal sand invasion. Their mouths are lined with rows and rows of sharp teeth, which is perhaps the most alarming feature about sandworms.

Ferguson explained to Vanity Fair that she couldn’t fully grasp the size of Dune’s sandworms when she first started. One scene in which Lady Jessica runs away from a sandworm highlights Ferguson, the actress. Villeneuve had to tell her that she should keep looking up for the sandworm, and this is when she realized the creature’s size. Below is Ferguson’s complete quote on the size of Dune’s Sandworms.

“I can recall one scene, but I was astonished at the size of these sandworms. “I remember a scene where we were running, and Denis said, “And then, look at it!” And we thought, “Oh no, there is it!” And he continued, “No, no, look up!” And I kept going… I think, “Wow, this is quite insane.”

These creatures don’t exist in real life. It would not be easy to cast them as actors in a movie. The 2021 movie had to use special effects, just like the Dune adaptations. Ferguson explained that Ferguson was likely only able to use her imagination to create the creature during filming. The CGI version was later added. While that scene was helpful to Dune’s actor, likely, she didn’t see the animal until she saw the finished film.

Herbert’s original sandworms, first created by David Lynch in 1984’s Dune movie, have been through many iterations. Villeneuve’s Dune 2021 movie, which was made with much better technology and had a larger budget, has dramatically improved the appearance of the worms. Dune fans can expect to be awestruck at the sheer size of the sandworms (like Ferguson) when they see it in theaters and on HBO Max. Star Wars would not be the same without Dune, despite its success as a sci-fi series. While George Lucas’ epic space opera revolutionized the genre, it is clear that Frank Herbert’s classic novel heavily inspired the series. It’s reasonable to conclude that Star Wars would not exist today without Dune.

Dune, which was first published in 1965, was a slow-burner at first. The story was slow to catch on, even when compared with other science fiction works. The story of Paul Atreides is now one of the most influential and significant works of science fiction. There have been many adaptations and pale imitations. The story is set on Arrakis, a desert planet. It centers around spice, a drug that can enhance consciousness and facilitate intergalactic travel. The report includes elements of politics, religion, and philosophy compared to everything, from Game of Thrones to The Lord of the Rings.

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