Although it is a sort of origin story, the Tomb Raider reboot and its sequels feel a world away from Eidos’s originals. Netflix announced this week that the upcoming Tomb Raider anime will bring these two versions of Ms Croft together in a single timeline.
Tasha Huo, executive producer of the animated series, gives a brief series update in which she explains that Netflix’s team and Crystal Dynamics are “hard at work” to unify the timelines for the series.

Huo says, “The Tomb Raider anime series on Legendary and Netflix will provide fan like you–and us–around the globe with some of the initial steps towards unifying the Tomb Raider timelines as we transition beyond Survivor and start following Lara’s journey leading to those first steps of that first Tomb Raider video.”

Huo also revealed two characters who would be making their way into the anime as part of this attempt. Earl Baylon, the character playing Jonah Maiava in Crystal Dynamics’ “Survivor Trilogy”, will return to the show. Allen Maldonado will play Zip, a character that appeared in older Tomb Raider games such as Chronicles and Underworld.

It will be fascinating to see how this attempt to unify the world plays out. In her early versions, Lara Croft was a very popular videogame heroine. She was all shiny outfits and action-packed adventure. Crystal Dynamics’ 2013 revival of Lara Croft was a sharp rejection of this character. It painted Lara as a more grounded, grittier woman who fell into death-defying spelunking unprepared.

The Tomb Raider anime has not yet been released. Netflix has a track record of adapting anime, including the excellent Dota anime and the truly great Castlevania series. There’s every possibility that Netflix will do a new take on Lara Croft.—obtenez-de-largent-et-des-diamants-illimits—obtenez-de-largent-et-des-diamants-illimits/c/8p1lhCzrLTM—obtenez-de-largent-et-des-diamants-illimits/c/hgUTDtgiTbQ—obtenez-de-largent-et-des-diamants-illimits/c/k35dQCo7aRA—obtenez-de-largent-et-des-diamants-illimits/c/cf8bnPR6F9U—obtenez-de-largent-et-des-diamants-illimits/c/uDwFsBKi748—obtenez-de-largent-et-des-diamants-illimits/c/vXtuFGbQmO0—obtenez-de-largent-et-des-diamants-illimits/c/m62ACvbRwX4—obtenez-de-largent-et-des-diamants-illimits/c/z9SeGt00ZH4—obtenez-de-largent-et-des-diamants-illimits/c/CR2vd9joIqI—obtenez-de-largent-et-des-diamants-illimits/c/aqnOGOTPqgY

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