Canceled Tomb Raider Game Had Terrifying, Silent Hill-Style Enemies

Crystal Dynamics shared some gameplay footage from Tomb Raider Ascension. This was a recently canceled survival horror game that featured terrifying Silent Hill-Esque enemies. Crystal Dynamics has shared some details about Tomb Raider Ascension during the 2012 Geoff Keighley-produced documentary series “Final Hours of Tomb Raider.”
Ascension was a Resident Evil-inspired survival horror video game. It dropped Lara Croft onto an unknown island full of monstrous and ghostly dangers. Crystal Dynamics also took cues from PlayStation 2 classic Ico. Lara would have been paired up with a young girl on her journey across the island. However, the Ascension prototype was not selected for the final cut. The studio built what would become the Tomb Raider reboot. This reimagining of the action-adventure franchise resulted in two sequels: 2015’s Rise of the Tomb Raider and 2018’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal directed the former.
Crystal Dynamics shared seven minutes worth of Tomb Raider Ascension gameplay footage earlier this week. This video was taken from the early stages of the game’s development. Lara’s using a torch to navigate tight spaces and open areas is very similar to Tomb Raider 2013. This prototype build has a lot in common with Silent Hill and Konami. Lara is confronted with some creepy creatures. She flees the mammoth-sized monstrosity at the four-minute mark. This scene gives a glimpse into work-in-progress horseback riding mechanics that never made it into the rebooted games.

Crystal Dynamics’ Ascension video offers a fascinating look at the future. But perhaps they should abandon their survival horror-leaning project. Tomb Raider (2013) remained a survival-based game. It featured hunting and scavenging mechanics, which required players to control Lara’s progress as the adventure went on. These mechanics influenced gear upgrades which were crucial to navigate the title’s dangerous hub areas.

Crystal Dynamics teased at the 25th-anniversary celebration that future Tomb Raider games would attempt to connect the original series and reboot timelines. It is not yet clear how the studio will accomplish this feat, but it seems like Lara Croft could pull off even more thrilling escapes than the ones she did in the past.

Death loop contains a subtle Tomb Raider Easter Egg. Despite Deathloop’s recent release to critical acclaim, players are already exploring every inch of the fictitious Blackreef setting.

Death loop allows players to assume the role of Colt (the former head of security for the mysterious AEON program). Colt must kill all eight Visionaries (the game’s main antagonists) within 24 hours. Failure to do this will cause Deathloop to reset his time loop. Any Visionaries who have died previously (as well their followers, Eternalists) will be able to rejoin Blackreef’s endless and debauched party while still having no memory of the previous loop. Colt will, however, be able to recall the events of every circle he has experienced. Colt will remember the circumstances of each loop to reach his ultimate goal of eliminating all eight of his targets.
Arkane Studios, Arkane Studios, has tucked some clever Easter eggs within the game, as expected in an environment like Deathloop’s Blackreef. Eurogamer has shared several of these Easter eggs on YouTube. This video features Ian Higton from Eurogamer, who explains some of the subtler and more obscure Easter eggs found around Deathloop’s subarctic map. These include, but are not limited to, a Tomb-Raider-inspired soundbite which rings out whenever Colt finds a secret area. Several retro arcade machines nod to Arkane or Bethesda’s past titles and video gaming’s legendary 0451 door code.

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