Starfield’s Settled Systems Factions Explained

The next RPG by Bethesda Softworks, Starfield, is a new IP that will take players into the cosmos. Starfield, a brand-new IP, will require a lot of world-building to create the developer’s atmosphere that players are used to. Starfield will feature thousands of more lines of dialogue than any previous Bethesda game to help flesh out the Settled Systems setting and its separate factions.
Starfield was revealed at E3 2018, but the details of the game remain largely unknown. Starfield is described as “Skyrim In Space” by Bethesda fans. However, no gameplay has been revealed, and very little information about the game’s story. Recently, it was revealed that Starfield’s setting is a small area in the Milky Way galaxy called the Settled System – which refers to the star systems that now host human settlements.
Starfield players were first announced at E3 2021. A new Bethesda Softworks video explains more about their role in the Settled Systems. Constellation, the most prominent faction in Starfield and an exploratory body, is the dominant one. Constellation is interested to discover all the mysteries of the Settled Systems, which extends out from Earth approximately 50 light-years. Starfield’s other factions have also been revealed in this video, some of which were not previously confirmed.

The United Colonies is the largest faction in Starfield’s interstellar politics. The Colony War, which saw the violent conflict between United Colonies (now the Freestar Collective) and Settled Systems in Starfield 20 years ago, will end when players start Starfield in 2330. It was revealed that both the United Colonies (and the Freestar Collective) have their capital cities, New Atlantis and Akila. Although the significant Starfield players have reached a tenuous truce in 2330, the Settled Systems remain dangerous due to its other factions.

One of the last locations mentioned is Neon, which Xenofresh manages. Neon was initially being intended to be a fishing colony. However, it became known for its indulgences after being able to find fish that induce psychotropic episodes. Ecliptic mercenaries are also found in the Settled Systems. These include the Crimson Fleet of pirates, a group of Spacers that may be dangerous to the player, and a sect devoted to House Va’ruun. Bethesda is meticulously feeding Starfield information to Bethesda, but there are still very few details about the game’s other factions.

The new trailer for Starfield shows what Bethesda’s latest RPG will look and feel like. The new video shows Starfield’s urban areas rather than the many outlandish sci-fi planets previously shown. Although not much is known about this upcoming RPG, it looks more expansive with each new detail. It is one of Bethesda’s most exciting titles.

Starfield was made an Xbox exclusive earlier this summer. The platform holder purchased Bethesda in May, meaning that all its games will be exclusive to Xbox and PC. Starfield, which was being developed for the PS5, has been rumored to be coming to the Sony-owned PlayStation platform. However, Bethesda, as well as Xbox, have ruled it out.

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