Among Us’ PlayStation, Xbox Game Pass Release Dates Announced

InnerSloth announced that the social deduction game Among Us would be coming to Xbox Game Pass as well as PlayStation consoles. The game’s popularity has led to the developer revealing plans to expand the scope of the game. Although information about these ports is scarce, InnerSloth recently announced that Among Us would be available on Xbox and PlayStation in 2021. Today’s announcement confirms that the company will keep its word.
According to a short announcement on Xbox Wire, among Us will debut on Xbox consoles on December 14. It will also be available via Game Pass. According to the PlayStation Blog, the game will arrive on both PS4 and PS5 simultaneously. The post mentions crossplay and that Sony will offer in-game cosmetics based upon the Ratchet & Clank franchise. This allows players to dress up their crewmates as the titular lombax. PlayStation mascots have a history of video game crossovers. In August, Rocket League was given free Ratchet & Clank cosmetics.
Maximum Games also announced that three Among Us collector editions would be available in December. However, they won’t arrive in North America until 2022. The $30 Crewmate Edition and $50 Impostor Edition are the collector’s editions. Each edition includes the base game, DLC items, a sticker sheet, and an exclusive Mira map holographic ID card. The Impostor Edition consists of a lanyard and a spinner pin, as well as plush. The Ejected Edition comes with all of that, along with a fleece blanket, beanie, and an exclusive DLC card. These collector’s editions will be available for players to look at the new consoles that host this indie classic.

Polus, one of the most famous Among Us maps, has been recreated by a talented and dedicated player. This player follows so many others who used Minecraft to create fantastic worlds and builds.

The game is top-rated among us players. They love creating memes and mods as well as recreating characters in other media. Celebrities and politicians have joined the social deduction fun. Players have made some fantastic artwork for Among Us, and the game’s terminology has been incorporated into the general lexicon. A new entry uses the Minecraft sandbox as its medium.
Redditor Season_Cookie shared his creation, a copy of the Among Us map Polus. It features all of the familiar spaces and rooms from Polus. There are even recreations of some mini-games crew members have to complete during Among Us to evade the dreaded impostor. Season_Cookie took this photo during the night to reflect the dim lighting Among Us crew members had, as there were only a few light sources. Although Season_Cookie could not replicate everything Polus offers (it does not appear that there is a way to travel through vents as one can in Among Us), the effort put into this build is impressive.

Another helpful Among Us player pointed out that the build is slightly incorrect in that it does not have the second reactor at the hole. The body is otherwise excellent at replacing the Among Us elements in Minecraft. Season_Cookie, for example, replaced the snowy rocks from outside with colorful geodes recently added to Minecraft. The build also included features such as the lava lake and a large tree located in the O2 area. Dirt paths were used to connect rooms where necessary.

Season_Cookie is not the only player among Us to have rebuilt this map in another game. Another player recreated Polus in Animal Crossing earlier this year. Each room featured a unique take. Although the build wasn’t as flexible, it is still quite impressive. Season_Cookie can still take comfort in knowing that Among Us fans appreciate this build.

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