Recent updates to Steam’s code include signs of a new login method: scanning a QR code using the Steam mobile app. Pavel Djundik, the creator of SteamDB, tweeted this information.

Although the feature isn’t yet available, it will likely be released alongside the Steam Deck later in the year to make logging into the handheld easier. Although the Deck’s touchscreen will make password entry easy, scanning a QR code to log in sounds more convenient.

Djundik highlighted two login options in the code: one with the account number and one with a QR code. The login lines such as “Awaiting your confirmation via Steam Mobile app” show how the system works. Djundik shared another screenshot of the in-development Steam build, with a QR code box positioned alongside the usual Steam sign-in fields.

Steam Guard already supports two-factor authentication via the Steam mobile application, so this extension makes sense. This is a great alternative to Steam Guard’s old email verification option. It inevitably ends up in an inbox full of ads, at most in my Gmail folder. Steam’s mobile authenticator is easier, provided you are willing to open the Steam app on your smartphone.

The Steam Deck will have the QR code sign in available on Steam’s desktop client. The real question is when? Valve has stated that the Steam Deck will start shipping in December this year. We expect the overhaul of SteamOS and the desktop Big Picture mode to arrive at the same time.

Valve’s new handheld gaming PC will include a new version of SteamOS and a huge push for Proton. Proton is Valve’s solution to running Windows games on Linux-based Steam Deck. It requires minimal effort from developers. We’ve seen the new SteamOS version on desktops in action, and Valve has affirmed that every Steam game will be available on the Steam Deck.

Valve has introduced a Verified badge to ensure that players’ games work. It indicates that the game is compatible with controllers and performs well. Although every game on Steam will not be tested by launch, there are many. However, it appears that they have a great start.

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