Courteney Cox Shares Awkwardly Funny Friends Video With Scream Co-Star

Courtney Cox shared a hilarious video in which she references her Friend’s past with Melissa Barrera, her Scream 2022 costar. Nearly 30 years after her starring role in one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, Cox is returning to her role as reporter-turned-author, Gale Weathers, in the upcoming latest installment of the Scream series – 25 years after the first Wes Craven film became an instant hit and prompted a successful horror franchise.
Although Scream’s impact cannot be compared to Friends’, Cox is interesting to see a well-known star with two distinct legions. While most Friends fans are not interested in the Scream series, it’s clear that many Scream fans have never even considered Friends. Cox somehow managed to balance both fanbases over the years, without any crossover about either IP. Cox and Friends made 2021 a memorable year, with a long-awaited reunion special finally happening. The new year will begin with the first Scream sequel for over a decade. This proves that her fans are dedicated, no matter what it is.
Cox finally mixed Friends and Scream with a new video via her official Instagram account. Although the video is awkward, it has a unique bit of humor that Friends fans will love. Melissa Barrera, Cox’s new Scream star, opens up to reveal she is a Friends fan. Cox is seen “catching” Barrera on her way home. The problem is that Barrera claims her home, but it is the building Barrera used to take exterior shots of the Friends Apartment. You can see the entire video below.

The video may be a nostalgic jolt for Friends fans. But it might appeal to Scream fans who may want to see more. It was evident that Cox would not take the time to promote Scream’s character, who doesn’t appear in the film. While she could be friends with Barrera, this is not to say that she wouldn’t. However, for argument’s sake, the video also serves as an advertisement for Scream 2022. It begs the question: What role will Barrera’s Sam Carpenter character play in this new film? Could she be the franchise’s final girl? Perhaps she could be the Ghostface. It doesn’t matter the case; it’s difficult to believe that Cox would make this effort if Barrera were a simple character killed in the film’s early moments.

The latest Scream film will be released in full. Friends fans can also enjoy Cox’s video. It is strange to see the same building from the series in its actual-world setting. It might take fans a while to see what they are seeing. Barrera’s “home” will resonate with many other people around the globe who feel the same.

Jamie Kennedy’s Randy has long since passed away, but his child would be a surprise killer for Scream 5. Twenty-two years after Scream 4 was released, Wes Craven, the legendary horror director, will be helming his last entry in the franchise. 2022 will launch its blockbuster horror films with a fifth Scream film. Scream 2022 is confusingly called Scream. This confusion has been much to the dismay of many horror fans. However, it still looks like it’s in good hands. Its co-directors Matt BettinelliOlpin, and Tyler Gillett (makers of Ready or Not), seem to be handling it well.

Ready or Not was a movie that was as funny and witty as it was gory or tense. It also showcased the skills that were essential to the Scream tone Craven created. Scream has been a love letter to horror lovers for as long as it has existed. Ready or Not shows Bettinelli-Olpin’s and Gillett’s ability to deliver a clever, dark comedy that could make them the ideal choice to continue Craven’s legacy.

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