Xbox Games Like PlayStation’s Exclusives Teased By Xbox Game Studios Head

Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Game Studios, is impressed by PlayStation’s first-party exclusives. He teases that Xbox games of a similar caliber could be in development. For the past two years, Sony has been the dominant console manufacturer, beating Microsoft. Most pundits point to PlayStation’s exclusive games, such as Uncharted, God Of War, and Ratchet And Clank, which have all been available on the PlayStation 3. Xbox has taken note of the success of newer IPs such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Ghost Of Tsushima.
Although Xbox is home to its blockbuster franchises, such as Halo, Gears Of War, and Forza, Microsoft still trails behind Sony regarding exclusive game releases and critical acclaim. The Xbox acquisition of Bethesda Softworks, a 20-year-old console maker, has brought notable franchises such as Fallout and The Elder Scrolls under its umbrella. Future exclusives like Starfield or Scorn also show promise. Xbox leadership has been impressed by PlayStation’s impressive first-party game lineup. They are keen to duplicate Sony’s success in the future.
Matt Booty, Xbox Game Studios’ head, recently spoke with Kinda Funny Games (via VGC) to discuss the publisher’s renewed focus on creating a diverse range of first-party exclusive titles. He praised PlayStation’s first-party exclusives and wanted to see more of these games on Xbox consoles. He stated that “You cannot argue with the quality, the craft, and the games that [Sony] delivered, and that they’re currently working on, and that stuff that we’ve seen thus far, so just Kudos to them.” Later, he admitted that “it’s been a place that we haven’t been out in front, and we haven’t had the kind of one-to-one with Sony there.” Booty clarified that Xbox Games Studios doesn’t intend to replicate Sony’s formula or create responses for specific games. However, the studio seeks to pursue the “universal themes and well-recognized characters and high production values” found in PlayStation exclusives. Booty mentioned Uncharted and Horizon Zero Dawn.

This is in line with Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Vice President of Gaming, stating that Xbox continues to acquire new developers to expand its Xbox Games Studios roster. PlayStation is also expanding its first-party studios by making acquisitions. Still, it has grown into the PC gaming market, porting blockbuster titles such as God Of War (2018) or Days Gone. This is something Xbox has an advantage over due to Microsoft’s ownership and the popularity of the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

It makes perfect sense that Xbox would expand its exclusive first-party game lineup, given the high praise PlayStation Studios’ games have received over recent years. While it is unclear what immersive experiences Matt Booty might refer to, Xbox Game Studios continues to expand its list of IPs and in-house developers.

Those curious about the upcoming Xbox Series X titles might be wondering if they will work on the Xbox One. This console was first released in 2013. There’s more to the story than this.

Microsoft has been generous lately when it comes to interchangeable Xbox compatibility. The Xbox Series X/S will allow consumers to play a wide range of older titles on newer systems, even ones from the original Xbox. This allows for faster loading times, better resolution, and stable frame rates for classic games in 2001.

Microsoft will allow you to play new Xbox Series X games on your Xbox One or Xbox One X as long as the game developer supports Smart Delivery, which Microsoft recently introduced. Competent Delivery allows up-and-down compatibility between these systems. Innovative Delivery is also how older games, such as those from the original Xbox, can be played on the Xbox Series X. Smart Delivery makes sure that every game is played at the best possible quality for each console. Competent Delivery is only available for Xbox Smart Delivery games, but all Xbox Game Studios titles optimized for Xbox Series X can support it. This is a first for consoles, as this has never been possible before.

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