Season 1’s name is “Rival incursion”, and it refers the new competition that you will face down in the mines. This is not just about fighting off bug swarms, but also a rival corporation’s army mining robots.

Industrial Sabotage is a new type of mission. It involves a boss fight that spans multiple stages with a Data Vault-equipped machine. This one spot is where the automated army has been storing prospecting data collected from all over Hoxxes. It’s time to heist. That’s what brash, trigger-happy Dwarves should excel at.

Industrial Sabotage is about more than just blowing up ships. Your dwarf posse must find two power stations in the caves, hack them to lower vault’s force fields, then shoot the vault a lot to bring it down. It will fight back with pincer claws or big guns. You will be troubled by bugs from time to time.

This rival tech company offers a whole host of robots to fight. These include mini swarming drones, a variety turrets and a patrolbot you can hack to change its loyalty to your side. Although you will only be able to go after the Data Vault in this mission, other robots may appear in different mission types. These mini events can also be created. You can get points for spotting a prospector drone, if you chase it down and grab its data cell. For the same bonus, you can also hack data deposits. You can expect the robots to summon reinforcements if you begin hacking their data.

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