In January, Nat Clayton shared a valuable tool for modders that allowed them to create a trailer using only AI-synthesized voice acting. This tool is called xVASynth and was created by Dan Ruta (a software developer). It has just been updated to version 2.0.

The video below shows what’s new using familiar voices. These voices were recreated by AI models that have been trained on voice data to create a particular character. Not ideally, of course–they have the clipped, hurried tone that gives an away synthesized speech, as well as occasional mispronunciations–but good enough for mods. You will hear Cave Johnson from Portal 2, Elizabeth of BioShock Infinite, and Butch from Fallout 3. Widowmaker from Overwatch also extols the benefits of VA synth 2.0.

These improvements include the ability to install pronunciation dictionaries via a community effort called xVADict. This adds unique words to games. A 3D visualizer can also help you search through hundreds of AI models from dozens upon dozens of games. It clusters similar voices and lets you add filters to narrow down the results further. The audio quality has been improved, and an additional slider to control energy was added. This allows you to change the pitch or duration of individual lines.

Many Skyrim mods already use xVASynth. It supports everything from Phenderix Magic World, Positive Undressed Responses, and Cyberpunk 2077.

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