PS5, Xbox Series X/S Dying Light Upgrade Will Update the Original Game

Dying Light’s developer is currently working on upgrading the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 for the zombie parkour video game. Techland announced a few days after sharing that Dying Light 2 had been delayed by two more months. This was the second delay for the game, and its lead developer explained that it was necessary to polish the game. Dying Light 2 was expected to be released on December 7, according to the Dying Light community. However, Dying Light 2 may get another port of Dying Light 1.
Techland is rumored to be re-releasing Dying Light: Platinum Edition to increase 2021 sales. The current-gen update is now available, and there will soon be a Nintendo Switch port. In September, a Nintendo Direct set October 19 as the release date for Dying Light: Platinum Edition’s Nintendo Switch port. This will give Switch owners access to all four DLCs as well as several skins. The Dying Light all-inclusive re-release was initially being released earlier this year on PC and Xbox One. Current-gen players will now be able to play the critically acclaimed zombie game.

Through Dying Light’s Twitter account, Techland announced that they are working on Dying Light 1’s next-gen patch. It is not known when the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S updates will drop. The developer assures fans that there will be more information in the future.

Techland may release Dying Light’s Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 upgrades before Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s launch in February 2022. This window of opportunity is short as Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s launch in February 2022 is fast approaching. It’s not clear if the new-gen update will offer a free upgrade to current Xbox One and PS4 owners or if Dying Light Platinum Edition will be an exclusive release for the new consoles. Techland may offer both, although it is possible that the latter option would be available.

The community’s reaction to the studio’s decision on the matter is likely to affect their choice. Grand Theft Auto V, for example, was the subject of a severe backlash from fans after it revealed its new-gen gameplay. Many series fans were unhappy with the port’s minimal visual improvements and lack of features for GTA 5’s upgrade at PlayStation Showcase 202021. It is believed that these ports will be full-priced and will charge GTA 5 owners to upgrade. This information has not been confirmed. Dying Light, six years old, could benefit from a new-generation upgrade to improve its gameplay. Techland should be able to complete its PS5/X/S upgrade on Dying Light 2 Stay Human without further delay.

Dying Light was released in 2015 and quickly became one of the most innovative zombie games ever made. Dying Light was built upon concepts and mechanics from Techland’s Dead Island predecessor. Many players will likely revisit Dying Light now that it is part of the PlayStation Plus line-up.

The first hours of Dying Light could be difficult for those who haven’t played it in years or never played it at all. While the zombies of Dying Light will be fought, players must be resourceful and intelligent. They also need to have a good understanding of parkour mechanics. This game will allow players to become more familiar with Dying Light.
Avoid the Ground of Dying Light

When playing Dying Light, players mustn’t climb onto rooftops or other structures. Zombies are known to surround and swarm players who aren’t paying attention. Virals can easily trap players who are slow-moving on the ground. It is best to avoid areas that appear to be well-defined, as it can be hard to spot zombies in these places.

Dying Light’s parkour system is fun and interesting. Players can use this mechanic to get around the city and avoid dangerous places that most zombies cannot reach. This makes it much easier to run from the Virals, as they cannot climb or jump as fast as the player. Parkour will earn players athletic points, so it’s a good idea to run as often as they can.

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