As anyone who has played Amanita Design’s adventure games Machinarium and Samorost will attest, there is a fine line between cute and creepy. Growbot is a point-and-click puzzle game from Wabisabi Play and Application Systems Heidelberg that evokes the same surreal, beautiful vibe.

Growbot is a game where you are a new visitor to a biomechanical space station. However, the enemy has placed the station under siege. You must work together to solve puzzles and collect items before you can disable the other space robots.

Growbot is about 3.5 hours in and I am still not sure what is going on. You can also carry cute little elf-like sprites around. I once even managed to fit one in a small truck so that it could take up space for berries. A friendly Yeti, although technically not Yeti, is a large and friendly creature that loves tea and jam. It also has a whole galaxy in its stomach. There are clockwork bees and meditating cats. I also have a pink puffball that talks in my head. This adventure revolves around powering up a space station forcefield powered by flowers.

Some puzzles are very fun to solve. On several occasions, you will encounter a shield barrier emitting a different set of musical notes. To unlock the key, you will need to arrange musical notes that you have collected by looking for flowers around the station. You can create a singing key by using musical plants. This is a great way to solve a puzzle. It’s better than just finding the billionth iron key in my drawer or on my desk.

Some of the puzzles are more difficult than others, while some are simpler. There were a few puzzles that I did not solve by trying to figure out the right solution, but simply by doing it until I found it. It may not be the best way to solve puzzles, but it is what I prefer to avoid being frustrated and stuck.

Growbot’s animation, sound design, and art are all amazing. I have lost track of the time several times while exploring this biopunk space station. Although I don’t know the details of this wonderful and surreal world, I am enjoying it.

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