Mandalorian Tech Used In Filming Of The Batman Trailer Image Of Gotham Skyline

Batman’s first trailer shows the cape-wearing hero against Gotham’s skyline. It was filmed with ILM Stagecraft. Stagecraft is a technical term that refers to the construction of scenery, lighting and costumes, and audio engineering and makeup. Stagecraft dates back to ancient Greece. However, modern stagecraft uses a curving cocoon of glowing LED screens called the Volume to recreate scenes on a soundstage.
The Volume is loosely based upon green screen technology and was first used in Disney’s live-action The Lion King. It was created by Industrial Light & Magic. The technology was also tested during The Orville’s pilot, but it wasn’t fully implemented until The Mandalorian. High-definition LED screens were used in the popular Disney+ series. They could also be filmed. These screens were part of the ceiling, floor and background and could be rendered in real-time and tracked the camera’s motion, allowing parallax motion. This filmmaking technique allows for various shots to be taken “in-camera,” meaning that less post-production is required. It has been confirmed that Batman used the same technique during production.

Charmaine Chan retweeted Matt Reeves’ tweet of the first trailer of Gotham’s skyline. This revealed that The Batman was filmed with ILM Stagecraft. Chan was credited with being the Stagecraft operator. She tagged the post “#stagecraft” and commented that it looked “familiar” along with some cheeky winks. Demis Lyall Wilson, a fellow VFX artist, also retweeted Reeves’ post, saying that it was “nice to see [their] real-time in camera vfx work [their] last year.” Lyall-Wilson said that the team was “really proud” and “can’t wait for the rest.” Below, Lyall-Wilson and Chan share a tweet about Batman’s use of Stagecraft.

It’s only a matter of time before more productions use this innovative technology, considering the immersion that Disney+’s The Mandalorian offers. The scenes feel more natural and alive because they can be done in-camera rather than post-production. The first trailer for The Batman shows the same technology. The trailer image, which uses LED screens like in The Mandalorian’s, shows the cape crusader looking out at a real-looking Gotham skyline. This gives a glimpse into how the movie will look. The DC superhero movie utilized the new Stagecraft technology.

Reeves retweeted his first trailer image, indicating that more of his film would be displayed at DC FanDome later today (Saturday, October 16). The Batman will soon feature more Stagecraft technology. Stagecraft technology in the DC film will make it difficult to distinguish between what was shot on location and a Soundstage with the giant Stagecraft screens. The technology was used to switch between scenes shot on location and set seamlessly. It’s been used in The Batman, and it should look immersive.

DC Comics’ DC FanDome virtual event is back. It will feature many surprises and reveals, including a new Batman trailer. But when will it be released? The coronavirus epidemic caused a major shakeup in the entertainment industry. Cinemas around the globe were forced to close temporarily, and studios had to reorganize their schedules. However, it also meant that conventions had been put on hold. Warner Bros. Comics and DC Comics formed DC FanDome in response to San Diego Comic-Con 2020.

DC FanDome, a virtual comic book convention and event about DC-related content, is an online comic book convention and virtual event. It covers everything from video games to comic books and the DC Extended Universe and Arrowverse TV. This event was first held on September 12, 2020 and August 22, 2020. It was a massive success because fans didn’t have to buy anything to attend, and some panels covered some of the essential titles in the DC Universe. DC FanDome also revealed some major news regarding the most anticipated projects in the DC universe. This included a complete cast announcement for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad and the first teaser of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The official DC Comics website will stream the event and the official DC Comics channels on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. A teaser that showed some panels and guests for this year’s convention was released. But, the most important thing is that a trailer for The Batman will be shown right at the end. It will likely be Batman’s final panel, given the hype surrounding it. The event will last approximately four hours. The new trailer for The Batman will likely be released between 1:30 PM PT/4:30 PM ET/9:30 PM BST and 2 PM PT/5 PM ET/10 PM BST.

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