The end of the world is near, and an army of extra-terrestrial monstrosities is threatening it. They know that humanity is not going down quickly. We have Earth, and no alien threat or ancient threat can take it away from us.

This is the backdrop for Dragon Raja, an MMORPG that Archosaur Entertainment has developed. There are up to 10 classes, including the illusionist (Magic Owner), Blade Master(Tank), Gunslinger [Ranged DPS], Assassin (Hybrid PPS), Soul Dancer/Mage, and many others. You’ll be fighting the Angels of Evangelion. You’ll be able to show the Angels of Evangelion that the world is not theirs by using both your supernatural abilities and modern technology.

It sounds pretty thrilling. It gets even better.

Dragon Raja has initially been released only on Android and iOS. Now it is officially available for PC. The PC launch will include enhanced graphics, optimized gameplay, controls, and crossplay support. It is happening concurrently with the second Dragon Raja x Evangelion crossover. You can experience an exclusive story and unlock the EVA-01’g vehicles for a limited time for permanent usage.

Select a battle strategy. Choose an offensive or defensive position. Save the world by choosing your allies.

Dragon Raja x Evangelion also comes with a whole new limited event–Evangelion-exclusive duels, which pit players against one another in card-matching battles.

Archosaur Games will release two limited battle uniforms during the launch event. These are the outfits of Asuka Longley and ReiAyanami. The developer also has a special launch promotion: they have dialed up the login rewards to 11.

All you need to win everything, from a profile picture frame and Evolution Stones. The new servers offer a boost in cosmetics and character development for players who sign up. They will receive five Polishing Dyes as well as five Underworld Flames. There’s also the possibility of even more loot if the number of PC players concurrently exceeds the milestone set by the developer.

You’ll love the great rewards and exclusive items as well as the limited-time stories, events, and stories that you can earn.

About Archosaur Games

Archosaur Games has been a prominent player in the European and American gaming markets since its founding as the publisher and developer of Dragon Raja. It uses the Unreal Engine to optimize its existing titles and create new experiences. You can learn more about it at their Facebook Page for news and updates.–leaf-tickets-generator/c/0TzpyF0JPpY–leaf-tickets-generator/c/dlXzUOMF1qk–leaf-tickets-generator/c/Q5rAo9vq1rk–leaf-tickets-generator/c/_-cWdPF8gn0–leaf-tickets-generator/c/9Yu3OwAyFFA–leaf-tickets-generator/c/3YOtUrMgGb0–leaf-tickets-generator/c/xmnC1SrfZ0s–leaf-tickets-generator/c/S-Ez4N_5t-k–leaf-tickets-generator/c/hfT3tfzOOAM–leaf-tickets-generator/c/vSy6v9yVR4E–leaf-ticket-no-human-verification/c/xZHdZAXU2lk–leaf-ticket-no-human-verification/c/7twUt67m8MY–leaf-ticket-no-human-verification/c/7Y35muslTdA–leaf-ticket-no-human-verification/c/2rXCwYh1r6s–leaf-ticket-no-human-verification/c/NndW5kL5qSw–leaf-ticket-no-human-verification/c/uaKg8m2vKRQ–leaf-ticket-no-human-verification/c/kdTIxLj-R3g–leaf-ticket-no-human-verification/c/IJGi-yuZMHg–leaf-ticket-no-human-verification/c/gnEtIcAAgEk–leaf-ticket-no-human-verification/c/55K5VgMTK1s

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