Activision Not Bothered By The Call of Duty Anti-Cheat Leak

Activision seems not to be too bothered by the new Call of Duty Anti-cheat reportedly used by cheaters. Cheaters have plagued call of Duty over the past several years. This problem has only grown worse as Warzone became more popular. Activision does not allow hackers to access the internet or use hardware bans, so cheaters made new accounts and continued their work.
Activision’s anti-cheat system was announced for Call of Duty after much backlash. Ricochet is an anti-cheat system that adds server-side tools for monitoring players and a kernel-level driver to the PC version. It will identify apps that interact with Call of Duty games and allow them to manipulate them. Vanguard will soon be able to implement the anti-cheat system, which will arrive with the Warzone map. However, it was revealed that a cheater obtained the source code for the anti-cheat system just days after the information was disclosed.

Official Twitter account for Call of Duty noted that Activision had put Ricochet in “controlled live testing” as well as sent out a prerelease version of Ricochet to selected third parties. The anti-cheat in Call of Duty wasn’t intended to leak, but the publisher doesn’t seem to be too bothered by people trying to reverse engineer the anti-cheat before its launch. Activision seems to be moving ahead with its system, despite having a lead over cheat makers.

Although it is unclear if hackers will be present at Ricochet’s launch, Activision seems to be trying to put several things in place to make the game more secure. Activision has been more aggressive in countering cheaters and hardware-banned those who are caught. Hackers will always be present in games of the same or similar type, but their impact and prevalence can be so overwhelming that they can cause severe problems for other gamers.

Activision should make cheating less common. This will improve the design of its first-person shooter franchise. Call of Duty: Vanguard had hackers in beta, and they may still be there when the game launches. Vanguard will receive Ricochet later, so it’s impossible to predict how many cheaters will be present in the game. These cheaters are working hard to take advantage of this situation. Activision already feels a lot of pressure with the competition in shooter games this holiday season. The possibility of a hacker-ridden gaming experience only adds to that pressure.

DICE has replaced the Battlefield 2042 class system with Specialists, thanks mainly to eCall of Duty Modern Warfare. DICE’s Battlefield 2042 beta has shown much of DICE’s latest installment, as well as many aspects of the game that were criticized before its November 19 launch. The game’s basic design is flawed. For example, there are few options for Specialists. This makes it difficult to distinguish between enemies and teammates. DICE had previously announced that it would eliminate Battlefield’s class system so that weapons or gadgets would no longer be tied to particular classes.

Many who participated in the beta were impressed by the significant changes to Battlefield’s Battlefield formula. The open beta only allowed four Battlefield 2042 Specialists to be chosen. Many critics were not happy with the change. They pointed out that distinct characters lose their visual novelty when playing in large-scale 128-player matches. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between friends and enemies, as many Specialists are the same. The HUD elements do not help with this issue, which begs why DICE made such a massive change in Battlefield 2042.

Gaming Intel claims that Specialists have replaced battlefield 2042’s classes due to management’s love for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s innovative aspects. DICE encouraged its development team to imitate these innovations, including Modern Warfare’s operator. Developers had to remove Battlefield 2042’s class system because of this feature. According to reports, DICE management wanted to encourage purchases like the Battle Pass. The publisher wanted players seeking distinctions for their Specialists. This included the various operators Modern Warfare encourages players to buy.

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