Star Citizen is a sort of EVE Online in a way. It’s interesting to see the activities of different players in this half-functional, partially-built galaxy. Star Citizen is known for its business model that involves expensive virtual spaceships, which don’t exist yet (I’m surprised Star Citizen hasn’t). Still, those who believe in it love it and try to make the most available. In the case of the newly added med gun, make the best of it for other people.

Star Citizen’s 3.15 Update, currently available on the public test server, adds this tool. It is designed to help players heal themselves and others. It can be used in ‘armistice zones’, which are areas where it is not allowed to be used as a weapon. Space stations. It works by giving players lovely health drugs. The problem is that if your character takes too many drugs, they become incapacitated and sway like drunken before falling to the ground.

The med gun wars are underway: Players use them to grieve others by ‘healing them’ to hinder them, then they merrily strip the limp bodies and leave them with nothing but their underwear. For a fun laugh, players can team up and hinder other players. This is the future of space!

Star Citizen player xx-shalo xx explains that players spawn in a specific area. These areas are known as armistice zones, and they block PvP. But ‘healing” a player by involuntary needle injection is not considered PvP. This is where you can see the problem. Players will spot a well-armed man and rush him to their aid. The player overdoses and then dies.

“This meta is fucking crazy. Players began countering it by pre-dosing before entering player hubs with an anti-overdose medication. But even then, if you get stabbed enough, it’s lights out. Space Station 13 has some Space Station 13 levels.

There’s a funny split between those who think it is absurd (it is) and those who believe Cloud Imperium can do nothing wrong. It’s up to players, as always with Star Citizen, to defend themselves. You can take Resurga, which will provide protection from the med guns, for one hour. This is not something players should do to avoid grieving in a safe zone.

This is an example of what it looks like in practice. A brave pilot was wicked-up by a frightening looking cat.

It is not funny that Star Citizen’s space stations turned into clinical landscapes full of woozy pilots and stripped bodies. SirToffee writes, “I’ve seen a few occasions where bands of people go about and completely spawn camp ship terminals hiding in elevators and drugsging people.” What happened next? They then made camp at the clinic, so I was left in my gown and had to open the door for 3 others to inject me. This was repeated several times, and the swapping server only put me back into the same one.

2020 was Star Citizen’s most successful year. Although it is currently in fragments, Cloud Imperium Games founder Chris Roberts said that the game “isn’t a pipe dream”. You wouldn’t believe it with the amount of money they have raised.

Cloud Imperium Games acknowledged the problem on several forums, and a spokesperson wrote: “It’s certainly not the intended experience. The team has been actively exploring solutions.” The dope wars will not last long as it’s currently only on the test server.

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