The Bethesda sci-fi RPG Starfield is now available to view. This trailer gives us a quick overview of its setting, a “small pocket” in the Milky Way called the Settled Systems. It also reveals the factions that make it an exciting place.

The Settled Systems is approximately 50 light-years away from our solar system and is dominated primarily by the United Colonies (or the Freestar Collective). They were involved in a large-scale war 20 years before Starfield’s birth. Although that war ended in an “uneasy” peace, the Settled Systems is still dangerous.

The old beef between the major players isn’t the only thing explorers need to be concerned about. There are also threats from “Ecliptic Mercenaries”, pirates of Crimson Fleets, violent Spacers or the fanatical religious Zealots at House Va’Ruun. Although Emil Pagliarulo, the design director, doesn’t go into detail, it is clear that Constellation’s newest member will be weaving the needle between them all as they push into the most profound areas of human expansion.

Starfield is still more than a year away. It will launch on November 11, 2022. Bethesda has been building hype for the game since August. The company revealed some locations, including a “pleasure dome”, where tourists can enjoy fish goofs. In September, it also highlighted the enormous size of the script. This is almost as large as Skyrim or Fallout 4 combined.–UHo

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