Since I was a child, I have struggled with what skin to use when trying out various Quest Warrior decks that failed. These can be summarized as “Yo, ho. no.” Tokara looks like she can fit in Rush decks thematically. At the same time, classic Garrosh is more Control Warrior-oriented, and you won’t find me using Magni Bronzebeard to do anything on the Burning Steppes. Team 5 was able to grab the Pirate King Garrosh Skin today, which will be given away as part of Hearthstone’s annual Hallow’s End.

You can grab the skin by simply going to the shop and grabbing it completely free. If you are unsure if you need this piratical frippery, let me tell you: “Listen, ye lily livedred hornswaggler!” This alone will approve your MMR, as its sea-salty brilliance blindsides all other worlds. Arr harr, indeed.

A second skin will be given away next Tuesday at the reset, this time for Guff Runetotem to use in Battlegrounds mode. I don’t care about the Tauren lifestyle, so this one isn’t for me. We can talk if you put a skull and crossbones on his head.

You’ll also find Diablo joining Duels mode after his guest appearance in the newly launched Mercenaries spinoff. We wrote more about it here. Blizzard claims that Diablo is the first dual-class Duels hero. He combines the robust Warrior card pool with the Warlock card pool. According to Blizzard, the big boy will have unique Hero Powers, and Signature Treasures unlocked. It will be available for purchase starting November 6.

A few spooky Tavern Brawls are back, and then there’s a new one where you can play the Headless Horseman.

Some cosmetics cost more than the others in the Store. Although it hurts me to admit it, I couldn’t resist buying the fairy-tale-themed skins bundles. They include Red Riding Hood Jaina, Frog Prince Thrall, Prince Charming Anduin, and Robin Hood Rexxar. Two of these skins are unbearably hot. You’ll decide which.

Hallow’s End runs from now through November 9. You can get four packs for free (two Standard, two United in Stormwind) as part of the Legendary questline. This questline presumably starts later today, so make sure your journal has enough slots.–pas-denqute/c/dNFZ6GDRq3I–pas-denqute/c/pRQ_RZdA9K4–pas-denqute/c/XQHukwuSvMM–pas-denqute/c/UCVZubjmEIE–pas-denqute/c/-3d2_EpzX9Q–pas-denqute/c/cwP7yZv_4jk–pas-denqute/c/jQY7ZnPgQgc–pas-denqute/c/aE5yNcJJliI–pas-denqute/c/2NZ7_omzh4s–pas-denqute/c/jm9l2T3JirY

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