Adele Called Out For Turning Down A Collaboration By Peppa Pig

Adele has questions for Peppa Pig now that she has declined the opportunity to collaborate with the beloved cartoon character of the British animated TV series Peppa Pig. The series follows a family of pigs with their animal friends, teaching children daily activities like visiting grandparents and school. The show has been broadcast in over 180 countries since its 2004 premiere. It has received numerous awards. Peppa, the title character, is currently being voiced by Amelie Smith, a child actor who most recently appeared in Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor.
Peppa fans had an idea to have the cartoon pig collaborate with Adele, a British singer/songwriter who just released “Easy on Me.” The Grammy-Award Winner went live on Instagram last week to promote her new song. Fans jumped in to inquire if she was “going collab with Peppapig.” Adele turned down the strange but fantastic project without pausing.

Adele was recently a guest on Capital Breakfast Friday, a British radio program where the hosts played a recording message from Peppa Pig. The cartoon character called out Adele, 33 years old, for refusing to collaborate. Adele laughed and said that she had spent three years watching Peppapig with her son and that she regrets not accepting the offer to collaborate during her Instagram Live. Below is their hilarious exchange.

Peppa Pig is not the only one to have a few sexy moments with pop stars. Cardi B had an earlier encounter with the anthropomorphic character. She claimed that Peppa taught Kulture how to jump in muddy water puddles and blamed her for it. Peppa also mocked Kanye West last month on Twitter for receiving a lower review of “Donda” than “Peppa’s Adventures: The Album.”

Although it may seem like shooting for the stars to collaborate with one of the best-selling artists in the world, it is not unusual for children’s programs to feature pop stars and artists. The Simpsons and The Muppets often invite celebrities to appear on their programs, for example. Peppa Pig’s cheeky personality, lovely voice and charming character have also helped establish its popularity in pop culture. It’s not surprising that Adele is a big Peppa Pig fan.

As Women’s Month draws to a close, we must acknowledge the contributions of women in front and behind the camera. The filmmaking industry had provided opportunities for girls and women to be part of critical parts of the movie world. Looking back, it is clear that there have been many high points of female representation in filmmaking.

Family films have always had girls as the primary focus. Here are the top ten children’s movies featuring at least one female protagonist as the primary focus.

10 Labyrinth (1986).

Although this film is an invention of the 1980’s imagination, Labyrinth became a cult favorite. It is a strange combination of dark fantasy and otherworldly scenery, with villain showmanship in David Bowie songs. Simple plot: Sarah, a stubborn teenager played by Jennifer Connelly, wishes her baby brother Jareth (Bowie) away. This leads her to a quest through the labyrinth.

She was supported by the grumpy Hoggle and gentle Ludo, as well as the silly Sir Didymus. It gave Jim Henson ample opportunities to find places for his creatures. Sarah was able to prove herself.

9 Little Women (1994).

Many adaptations have been made to this Louisa May Alcott literary classic in different formats. It will also be the definitive edition of the book. The Gillian Anderson-directed version is for the 90’s generation. It is a more family-friendly version of the story.

The plot of the novel is similar to the classic book. It revolves around Jo (Winona Ryder), Meg, Trini Alvarado), Beth and Claire Danes. They also discuss how they cope with the Civil War’s slice-of-life circumstances. This 1994 edition is both heartfelt and painful, honoring Alcott’s story.

8 Mulan (1998)

Mulan, the first Disney Princess to not be born of royal blood, is one of Disney’s best-animated features. This epic princess tale loosely tells of Hua Mulan, a warrior girl who disguised herself as a soldier to join the army ranks. Expect American stereotypes of China.

Mulan, despite the misrepresentation, retains the spirit and character of its heroine. Mulan is a determined girl who will do anything to help her father and become a soldier. Mulan is a powerful ballad singer in “Reflection,” making her unforgettable.

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