You Can Now Keep DLC Items After Unsubscribing From NSO Expansion: Animal Crossing

Nintendo has clarified what would happen if users unsubscribe from the forthcoming Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack following the recent unveiling of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Happy Home Paradise DLC. Recently, the Happy Home Paradise DLC has been part of the NSO Expansion Pack. This includes the additions of Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 titles.
Happy Home Paradise was revealed in Animal Crossing: New Horizons direct as a paid DLC. It offers the same gameplay as Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer for the 3DS. Players can design vacation homes for villagers to their specifications. You will have the opportunity to learn new techniques, such as soundscapes, lighting, and can use these techniques to customize your island’s home. Players will be able to purchase exclusive items on the archipelago and bring them home to their islands.

Suppose a user opts out of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack and loses the Happy Home Paradise DLC access. Eurogamer’s coverage on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update has led Nintendo to answer that question. Nintendo spokeswoman said that players will still be able to access the Happy Home Paradise DLC items and design techniques but would not access the archipelago or create new vacation homes. Players can only regain access to the archipelago by purchasing the DLC separately from NSO Expansion Packs or renewing their membership.

This policy regarding DLC could be a model for future Nintendo Switch Online expansions. It’s possible that another NSO expansion plan, with more classic games, will be released in the future. This policy would likely also include DLC from other games. Players can still enjoy the Happy Home Paradise DLC benefits. Players who obtain Happy Home Paradise via the NSO Expansion Pack won’t have their copy, as many of its features can be revoked. You can only purchase the DLC separately.

It is a hot topic that is still being debated. This is one of the many criticisms systems like Google Stadia have received. Some players may still find it challenging to access the core mechanics of the DLC, even though they can keep items from Happy Home Paradise DLC. If players decide to unsubscribe to the NSO Expansion Pack membership, they can keep the items and design methods. However, if they want to continue creating vacation homes in Animal Crossing, New Horizons, the DLC must be purchased separately.

Although the last major update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons is unavailable, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing isn’t going away. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 2.0 adds many features that players have requested since its launch in 2020. A recent Animal Crossing Direct revealed that Nintendo has additional plans for New Horizons – but players will need to pay a little more to get it.

After the success of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, it is no surprise that Animal Crossing New Horizons now offers paid DLC. While it is clear that players benefit from adding new features to a game after release, developers need to be paid for their efforts. Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ latest DLC, Happy Home Paradise, will cost USD 24.99. It looks great from what we have seen so far.

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