An IRL Arkham Asylum Is Opening In London, And You Can Be An Inmate

Arkham Asylum is bringing an immersive Arkham Asylum experience to the Big Smoke. It is putting out all the stops to offer opportunities to interact with the heroes and villains of Gotham City.

Arkham Asylum was created by a collaboration between Department Studios and Warner Brothers Themed Entertainment. It isn’t trying to erase the horrible legacy of the fictional criminal mental hospital. Myriad Entertainment has members who have been recognized for their contributions to “critically lauded West End productions, award winning television and some of the most ambitious narrative immersive programs in the past decade.”

This is not for the weak of heart. Arkham Asylum requires that you are at least 18 years old to register. This trailer shows what fans can expect, including callous staff and restraints on patients being wheeled around in cramped wheelchairs and tested on ricketygurneys.

Tickets will go on sale in 2 weeks. However, you can sign-up to be first in line and receive marketing materials regarding Arkham Asylum before it arrives. Although it is not yet clear what participants will gain from their experience, Department Studios is proud that it uses its “interactive theatre and cutting-edge technology to create unique, multiplatform alternate reality experiences that place fans as the protagonists of their own story.”

HBO recently called Zack Snyder’s Justice League an ” global phenomenon”, which brought together DC Comics fans in a way that was unlike any other. Many people are calling for the revival of the “Snyderverse”, and Warner Bros is certainly open to the idea.

The butter robot by Rick and Morty was transformed into a butter-passing machine. It even has an “emotion engine”, which allows it to react to its surroundings. This is amazing.


This character was created by Rick Sanchez and first appeared on the first season. It questions him about his purpose. Rick replied, “You spread butter.” It breaks down, just seconds after being created by an eccentric and brilliant scientist. As expected, Rick doesn’t comfort the butter robot and responds with a wry comment: “Yeah, welcome into the club, pal.” Oh, Rick, you jester!

Now, the machine will be mass-produced so that everyone can have a butter robot to help them spread the butter. Adorable. It’s not just a novelty item. “Our partnership was with Digital Dream Labs, which gave us the opportunity deliver the creative storytelling of Rick & Morty in an incredibly surprising way that we believe will not just resonate with fans but also deepen their engagement,” Robert Oberschelp (say it three times fast). “The Butter Robot is innovative and fun.


The butter robot will have audio and visual sensors as well as an “emotion engine,” which allows it to react to what is happening. The butter robot will be able to pass the butter and grow in self-awareness and eventually even “rebel” against its user. Cool! This is the perfect gift for 2020, the year that everything went right! Justin Roiland, series creator and original actor of the show, will voice the product.

A complimentary mobile app will allow you to control the robot remotely from your smartphone. The three modes of control (Direct Control, Coding and Passing), allow the user to give commands to the robot until it rebels against its despotic human masters. Direct Control allows the robot to perform pre-programmed actions, such as dances. The user can also drive the robot around the table. Drag-and-drop blocks allow users to create new actions for the robot. The mobile app also has a text-to voice feature that could lead to hilarious results. The Passing Mode, which is WYSIWYG, passes the stick butter to the person who requested it. It is a miracle of engineering.

It’s quite adorable though. The robot can be pre-ordered for $147. This is $50 off before it hits the shelves. The robot comes with a butter stick and a USB-typeC charging cable and adapter. It also includes the mobile app. Justin Roiland will sign the robot.

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