Gamer Celebrates One Year Waiting For RTX 3080 By Sending Retailer A Cake

Sometimes, despite the chaos caused by the pandemic across different countries and industries you need to find a sense of humor about your setbacks. This guy sent a cake directly to the retailer he purchased his RTX3080 from to celebrate a year.

Although the GeForce 30 series was announced in September 2020, it doesn’t necessarily mean that components are readily available. The global chip shortage had a huge impact on the technology industry. Big-names like Apple, Google, and Samsung bought the semiconductors that Sony left Microsoft and Vidia without.

Due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, a lot of GPUs were used in dedicated hardware instead of being used on the intended platforms. Now, we’re in September 2021 and still have many grumpy gamers who don’t have the graphics cards to elevate their games.

The guy who sent a sweet anniversary cake to the shop where he purchased his RTX3080, however, didn’t let the international issues rain on his parade.

This incredible, but very expensive PC build will cost you $15,000. Cor. Skyrim should have giants who actually batter me into space for that amount of money.

This story is actually from ETorty in Poland. They deliver confections for any occasion and all types. Although most of their customers use them for messages of congratulations or birthdays, one gamer requested that they send a cake to the shop where they bought their RTX3080.

The order for the graphics cards had been placed exactly 365 days ago, but the gamer still didn’t have it in their hands due to the aforementioned issues. The post was translated to read: “He decided that he would look back at the company, and sent them a cake. It had ‘One Year Together’ printed on it, along with an order number and a photo.

E-Torty stated that this was one the most hilarious custom orders they’ve ever received. Amazingly, the cake was only a few weeks after it was sent and the gamer received his RTX3080. There’s a strategy. Send a gift to Sony and you will get a PS5. It’s worth it.

China imposed a blanket ban last week on all cryptocurrency transactions, and any mining. This could be good news for anyone still searching for the best graphics card on the market to use with their computers.

Nvidia’s next generation graphics cards was revealed in late 2020. However, customers are still struggling to secure their hands on the RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 as well as the mighty RTX 3090. These zippy gizmos are used by cryptocurrency miners to mine their chosen coins. There are many reasons for this.

Additionally, cryptocurrency is extremely lucrative in China with an estimated combined value $150 millions stored in crypto wallets throughout the country. In fact, 300 NVIDIA 30HX graphics cards from NVIDIA CMP30HX were seized by smugglers in January. This would have earned them around $250,000 if the cards had made it to China.

One time, a man had $240 million worth of bitcoin on his hard drive. He lost his password to the hard drive, and the whole lot. If you have the guts to listen, here’s his story!

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