Free Games: ‘The Last Of Us Part 2’, ‘Battlefield 2042’, ‘Ghost Recon’

Even though I am still reeling from the awesome demos and games of last Wednesday , thanks the Tokyo Games Show, Steam’s Next Fest and the Tokyo Games Show, this week is still amazing for the cash-free video gaming goodness. Here are our top picks for free and ‘free’ games you can play right now.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step? See More of Wow

Xbox Game Pass is the leader in subscriptions. But PlayStation Now isn’t far behind. PlayStation’s subscription service has seven new games, some of which are very well-known. The last of us Part II is the most prominent. It was awarded the multiple game of year award in 2020 and was also the game of year according to gamingbible readers. Our review about Naughty Dog’s acclaimed sequel is available. It’s one every PS Now subscriber must experience.

PS Now also features Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic role player Fallout76 and the horrifying Amnesia Collection. The Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is also available. You can also find Yet another Zombie Defense and Desperados . You can view the full PS Now library.

You can also get some specials if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Hell let Loose and PGA Tour2K21 are available up to November 1.

Don’t Play on a PC. Create One , At Epic Games Store

Europa Universalis IV has been removed from its position as Epic Games Store’s favorite free game. Now, there is something else. It’s true that building the computer of your dreams can be expensive. But PC Building Simulation is available for free . It will be available until October 14th, at which time it will be replaced by the remastered action-adventure braaaains em> ( ) which we reviewed earlier in the year.

Ride, Glide and Hide with Amazon’s Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime isn’t just able to deliver parcels, its gaming section is also looking fantastic. Prime Gaming has added many new titles since the beginning of October. There are many great games available until the end of October. Our pick is the creepy and stealthy Alien Isolation. It’s based on the popular movie series. You might prefer running to hiding than running. The futuristic parkour (plus hacking, slashing, and other activities) game Ghostrunner is for you.


We also noticed the space combat of Star Wars Squadrons on this month’s Prime Gaming List. You can read our review . There are many more: Blue Fire, Secret Files 3 and Song of Horror: Complete Edition. Red Wings: Aces of the Sky. Tiny Robots Recharge. Whiskey & Zombies. Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures. Get more information right here.

EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Brings You A Literal Blockbuster

Although Xbox Game Pass is slow this week, EA Play’s Battlefield2042 Open Beta more than compensates. EA Play is part Xbox Game Pass and subscribers can participate in the beta. However, it closes on October 9th . So you might want to hurry. This brand-new shooter with environment-destroying physics was first shown at E3 and looks to be the most hectic entry in the long-running series yet. The full game will be released on November 19th, . You can also read our Beta impressions .

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