‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Is Getting Its Own Undead Nightmare, Thanks To Fans

Rockstar Gaming used to create this “single-player DLC” long before the internet. It was simpler and more magical.

Rockstar’s best DLC was Undead nightmare in 2010. Undead Nightmarewas an excellent add-on to the Red Dead Redemption. It transformed the Western into a survival horror. Fans thought it would be a matter time before Red Dead Redemption2 was released. They were wrong.

Red Dead Redemption 2released on 2018 It’s now 2021 and Rockstar Games made it clear that it prefers to focus on updating Red Dead Online. It’s not like Red Dead Redemption II is lacking in content. It would be amazing to see Arthur Morgan and his gang deal with a zombie attack.

This is where the fans come in. RedMaxBR and AClassySliceOfToast, modders, have released a few mods that transform Red Dead Redemption into an all-new Undead Nachtmare. Undead Towns turns the villages and settlements of the game into post-apocalyptic nightmare fuel. Undead Blackwater transforms the town into the only safe area in the world, while Undead Nightmare Camps litters it with makeshift forts.

These modders suggest using them alongside the RAMpage Trainer which gives the game an all-out Halloween makeover. If you want to experience the full Undead Nightmare experience, there are plenty of zombie horde modifications. Although it might not be the official sequel that we had hoped for, I will honestly accept what I can.

This Red Dead Redemption mod allows players to explore Mexico. It includes a variety of expansions that players have created to make the original game available in the latest RAGE engine.


Nuevo Paraiso can only be accessed through exploits. This is unfortunate because there are many areas in the game. Rockstar Gaming has had to abandon them in favor of other environments. Players have nevertheless worked tirelessly in map editor to bring the locations of the second game to Arthur Morgan’s story.

This mod basically collects all the Mexico custom content from Nexus Mods, and makes them available for players to download in one place. These include Escalera, Chuparosa, Casa Madrugada, El Matadero and more. You can even find a few camps to rest your character or top off your tanks.

Arthur can’t enter Nuevo Paraiso because Mexico is too dangerous due the rising threat from revolutionaries and a dispute with the United States. The region still has its own theme, weather, vegetation, audio, and ambient audio so you won’t be walking through it alone.

Even though I would not be the modders of these mods, Take-Two Interactive emails might catch my attention. After Rockstar Games’ parent company sent a DMCA warning against modders, the GTA Underground and Vice City Stories: PC Edition, Liberty City Stories, and San Andreas Reimagined were removed from the Internet .


Why? According to the CEO, the remakes were an indication of bad behaviour and a threat to the publisher’s economy. Rumours are circulating about a remake of Red Dead Redemption after the Grand Theft Auto trilogy remasters have been released. This could mean that we will be going back to Mexico in an official capacity. Keep an eye out for this, I think.

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