Major Retailer Locks PlayStation 5 Stock Behind A Premium Paywall

The PlayStation 5 is out now for over a year. However, it’s still difficult to get one. It’s like throwing the One Ring into the fiery pit from which it came.

The PS5 has been frustratingly difficult to find. This is due to a variety of factors including supply chain problems, scaling, and pandemics. It’s therefore so disappointing to see that a major retailer has locked stock of Sony’s new-gen console behind $200 paywall. This is not a good look, my friends.

Wario64 noticed that Best Buy customers who wanted to purchase one of the new PS5 consoles in stock soon found out that they needed to be a member to get a look-in.

Totaltech is basically a premium customer support package that offers a few bonuses such as 24/7 tech support and exclusive access to “the most difficult-to-find products of the season”. Products such as the PS5.

$200 covers access to Totaltech and the possibility to purchase a PS5. This is for an annual subscription. There is no option to try the software for free. It’s a scary thought. It’s almost as if Best Buy is aware of what it is doing.

This tactic has not worked for Best Buy, and it’s likely given consumers some cause for concern. The PS5 is usually snapped up in minutes when it comes back in stock. ArsTechnica reported that Best Buy’s most recent batch of consoles was still available for almost two hours.


It’s obvious that nobody wants to pay $200 for a subscription in addition to a $500 console. Even if they were, they would probably prefer to go through a scalper and get it slightly less.

Today could be your lucky day if you are still looking for a PlayStation 5. UK retailer Smyths Toy Stores will take pre-orders for Sony’s new console today (October 5), but they’ll be gone quickly.


PS5 UK first reported the news of the restock (via VGC). Smyths claimed that they would take pre-orders for both the standard and digital PS5 models starting at 9am today, but only in store. Since then, Independent has confirmed that the retailer is actually taking orders in-store as of 9am. It’s not clear how much stock Smyths holds or how long the pre-order window will remain open, but I would imagine that you’ll want to act quickly.

To secure an order, customers will need to make a PS20 deposit. You should get your shiny new console between October 16-20.


According to the website of the retailer, there are more than 100 Smyths shops in the UK and Ireland. It’s possible to find one in your area before pre-orders close. It’s already 9:45 am when this article was published. You will need to act quickly.

Tell your boss if you just arrived at work that you need to go to the bathroom. Then, you know what, go to Smyths. This seems to be more important than work, doesn’t it?

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, almost one year ago, Sony has struggled to meet the demand for the PlayStation 5. This is partly due to a shortage of semiconductors caused by the pandemic. However, scalpers have been buying up any stock available and selling it off at greatly exorbitant prices.


If you are still without a PlayStation 5 I wish you all the best. All the best to you.

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