YouTuber Assigns A Keyblade To Every Single Super Smash Bros. Character

YouTubers have carefully chosen the keyblade that corresponds to each Smash Ultimate fighter, in case they are ever able to use one.

It wasn’t a dream. Sora was actually added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last Wednesday, after a nearly three-year-long quest to complete the roster. Sora will not be officially added until next week. At that point, you’ll all be able use his iconic keyblade and take on the rest of the roster.

We recommend that you check out the thread and the accompanying video below if you are so excited about Sora arriving that you don’t want to wait. Regular Pat compiled it and included the keyblade that each Smash fighter would use if they were to be able to wield one.

It all started as a long thread on Twitter, which can be found above. This thread includes almost every Smash Ultimate character. Except for Sora, who has a keyblade, Pat searched the Kingdom Hearts universe for the perfect keyblade, looking at everything from color schemes and final smashes in order to make his selections.

Although most people who read the thread agreed with Pat’s decisions, there were some questions. This is why the video. Link was given the dream sword. Pat explained that he used keyblade-adjacent weapons, but this wasn’t as catchy than the title he chose in his thread. The explanations also include that Samus is orange so she gets an orange keyblade. Although it sounds simple, it is actually quite effective.

Pat has given Kirby a keyblade, despite the fact that he cannot inhale Sora in Smash Ultimate and is therefore not qualified to use one. Sora’s keyblade has been replaced with one made of magic, so Kirby can still use his moves and have the Kingdom Hearts characters’ powers and move sets. We may see some of the Kingdom Hearts characters using keyblades in the future, now that Smash and Kingdom Hearts have been confirmed to exist in one universe.

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